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Health Benefits of Using Guava Leaves

You might be aware of health benefits that guava fruit has in your body. But you may not know that guava leaves also have medicinal components and provide a health benefit. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants agents that have a natural painkiller.

With the side effects that occur due to the use of drugs and medicines, herbals are now the most considered medicines to cure many diseases, and guava leaves included in the list. For you know more about health benefits of guava leaves below you will get some of the profits.

Essential for Diabetics

guava-leafTaking tea made from guava leaves will help reduce blood sugar in your diabetics to lower the enzyme activity of alpha-glycosidase. Besides, it also stops maltose and sucrose from being absorbed by your body, hence reducing the level of your blood sugar. Consuming tea from guava leaves for three months will help slow the level of your blood sugar even without adding up the production of insulin.

Aid in Digestion

Drinking guava leaf tea will help in digestion by activating the production of the digestive enzyme. It contains antibacterial agents that kill bacteria lining your gut and prevent the proliferation of the toxic proteins caused by bacteria. Guava leaves will also help when you have food poisoning even vomiting, nausea and soothing. Boil guava leaves in half a liter of water three times a day.

Treatment of Infections and Wounds

You will find that guava leaves have curing components that heal wound like impact abrasion and cuts. Anti-bacterial properties found in guava leaves protect you from infection and also lower inflammation of your uterus to activate the recovering of your wounds. Besides, drinking guava leaf tea can also assist in the healing of your ear infections.

Help in Weight loss

guavas with leafsWhen you consume guava leaves to lose weight, it will help to stop complex starches from getting converted to sugars. Due to this, the carbs are broken down in your liver to be used by your body, and the guava leaves stop the use of carbohydrates to compounds that are usable.

Help in Gum Disease and Toothaches

Because of the anti-inflammatory properties, using guava leaves will help to heal gum diseases, and sore throat when you use it to rinse. Its anti-bacterial agents protect your gums and as well as the teeth, so you will find that guava leaves are used in toothpaste as one of the ingredients and also in mouth fresheners. More so, you can also make your natural paste from guava leaves while at home to brush your teeth.