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Common skin problems

Teenage is a period that has a lot of overwhelming feelings and emotions. It is because of the number of hormonal changes that both the sexes go through. Most teenagers witness the problem of acne and are the most common of all skin problems. But apart from acne, there are several other common problems that teens have to go through with the same agony. Read below about the most common skin problems to know about their treatment:

1. Oily skin

skin problemsThe cause of teenage skin problems, including acne, is oily skin. Excess oil no doubts gives the skin a glistening glow, but it is not okay. Primarily there are two ways a to combat the oily skin problem. The first way is to fight the oil glands which are hyperactive by the use of medications or laser therapy. The other way to reduce the oil from the skin is either by using the bloating paper or cosmetic products that have a bit of alcohol content. Studies have shown alcohol soaks up the excess oil from the skin. For one to Keep the skin oil-free; it is advisable to wash your face as and when possible. The skin even loses its essential oils when you wash it too frequently and make it look dry and dull.

2. Finger warts

Finger warts refer to the growth of flesh lumps under the fingernails, on fingers or under feet. These are caused by a virus and may or may not be painful. Even though these warts disappear themselves after a year or two, you may want to remove them earlier also. Getting them burnt off with the laser is one of the most common ones. The removal process is quite safe and has no reported side effects.

3. Eczema

Have you ever noticed read and dry patch on your skin especially when you come back from sports? Mostly these spots are quite irritable and itchy. Cold and dry weather makes the dry patches worse. Eczema has relation to some specific allergies. The mild ones can undergo treatment by applying a heavy moisturizer immediately after taking a bath while the stronger ones, you should take them to a certified doctor.

4. Excessive sweating

skin problemsMost of the teenagers don’t realize how dreadful can excessive sweating can be underarms and palms. As a best practice, wear cotton clothes or clothes made of natural fabric to keep you cool and avoid excessive sweating. Stress also activates the sweat glands and results in excessive sweating. Practice deep breathing when you begin to feel that you are losing the control over the situation and sweating profusely.

Furthermore, too much sweating can also lead to dark skin particularly on the private parts of even the adults. If you are looking for a great solution to this issue, go to http://analbleachingguide.com/.