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Discover the detailed summary of Tomorrow Belongs to Us in advance Season 5 of Episode 1151 broadcast on Monday, March 28, 2022 on TF1. Bart is arrested and will spend the night in prison while Etienne takes over his duties at CPE High School. Chloé is the victim of a violent attack.

The complete summary of the telenovela ADN from the episode of 03/28/2022 with spoilers #TomorrowWeBelong in advance, everything you need to know.

Louise tomorrow belongs to us

Louise and Anna are worried about Bart going to sleep in prison / Screenshot

Find the full summary of Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1151 broadcast on TF1 on Monday, March 28, 2022 (see summaries before tomorrow belongs to us ): the summary of the previous episode Tomorrow belongs to us from 03/25/2022 It is online.

Nordine and Sara arrive at Bart’s house early in the morning to arrest him. He is suspected of the murder of Léa Courcelles. Louise and Mathilde attend the scene. Bart goes to change but deletes something on his phone.
Bart could be at the origin of this fire, since it is due to bad connections on the sound side.
Bart’s laptop is analyzed, the removal of the discussion group from October 27, 2019 has been noticed. Sara wants to know why. She panicked, she wanted to delete it, but she archived the group. Bart didn’t want to balance Garance, Gabriel, Noor and Charlie. Sara says that Bart’s lies don’t work in her favor;

Bart tomorrow belongs to us

Bart is questioned by Sara

Raphaëlle confides in Chloé that she fell in love with the boy she had an accident with. Chloé thinks that she should send an SMS to Stanislas to see him again (a “hot” SMS goes out by mistake, Raphaëlle justifies herself by saying that it was a joke between friends). Following the message, Raphaëlle receives a bouquet of red roses from Stanislas. They have dinner together at the Spoon and she kisses him when he drives her home.

Mona tomorrow belongs to us

No more private lessons, but Etienne will make sure Mona works at the high school.

Karim questions Noor, she explains that she had never seen Léa and hurt her.

Sara tomorrow belongs to us

Sara and Karim want to know the truth

Chloé introduces Etienne Curtis to the students as the new CPE who replaces Irène. Etienne talks about the detection of AIDS during Sidaction… Dorian is worried.

Tomorrow belongs to us in advance episode 1151 of March 28, 2022: Bart is out of luck

Nordine has the testimony of a neighbor who saw an argument between Léa and Bart in the street.

Etienne tomorrow belongs to us

Etienne new CPE, it is a shock for Dorian who was not aware

Sara comes to see Bart in police custody to tell him that the prosecutor has decided to put him on remand. Sara promises Bart that she will do anything she can with Karim to get him out of there.

Chloé tomorrow belongs to us

Chloe loses consciousness after the blow

Etienne tells Chloé that while giving Mona lessons, he realized that she missed connecting with the students.

Louise and Anna meet to talk about Bart: they are very worried. Louise and Anna found Bart weird this week.

Chloe is attacked in high school at night, someone hits her and drags her body.
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