Carnival: in Maîche, the Haut-Doubs meets the party again, the queen and her black face make Internet users react

After two years of absence, the municipality of Maîche in Haut-Doubs lived a weekend in disguise, joyful, musical and illuminated!

Blow, laugh, celebrate. After two years of health crisis COVID-19and the war that has just broken out in the Ukraine, many inhabitants of the Haut-Doubs have come to treat themselves to a little bubble of air these Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 March.

The festival whose theme was “the enlightened” brought together 19,000 people this weekend. It’s been so long since we’ve been here, it’s touching to find the carnival” says a young woman. “I think it’s a great party”even Christine Bouquin, the president of the local LR department and stage, had made it up.

In Carnival we came as a family, the older ones left their retirement home for a few minutes to see the parade in the streets, animated by orchestras and showers of confetti.

Watch the report by Stéphanie Bourgeot and Florence Petit

On social networks, some Internet users have pointed the finger at the carnival queen, enthroned in her toilets, her face blackened. A costume denounced by Alison who reacted on the social network Twitter. “Therefore, the opening of the carnival takes place with the choice of the carnival costume on Friday night. The tone is set: the chosen person paints their face black. I’m not going to pretend that I’m surprised, every year I get angry when I see dozens of disguised people with their faces painted black. So I, as usual, ranted against this rural environment and this carnival that I nevertheless love, thinking that I was alone in my nervousness. So it won’t change anything, but I did realize that eventually other people got upset about this choice on social media.”. “A strong feeling of discomfort in front of this black-faced queen elect of the carnival of Maîche, capital of my community of communes… If there is a reference, I don’t have it, but then no. complaint in turn Manon.

Anna Maillard, denounces in a tweet “a costume that says nothing more than a black person in the bathroom”, and it only brings racism and indignity. According to her, it is even a former elected official who wears it!

The organization of the Carnival ended up removing your page Facebook the publication in which we saw this Carnival queen dressed in black.

The little person in black paraded like this on Sunday, without the accessory of the toilets, but perched on one of the floats in the procession.

At the end of the day this Sunday, the organizers busy setting fire to the carnival, had not yet been able to respond to our requests.

Blackface was first born in the theater. A white actor dresses in black. In the United States in the early 20th century, the practice was common. It will disappear from the 1960s after the movement for the civil rights of African Americans.

American society assimilates blackface as the manifestation of racism towards the black community.

In France, no text, no law prohibits black face, black makeup. Coluche or the humorist Michel Leeb practiced it in their time. But the subject hits more and more. In 2014, French police officers dressed in black at a party posted images on social media. The Defender of Rights in 2017 had established that “the racist dimension of this evening was characterized.” remembered that “everyone knows that wearing black makeup constitutes a pejorative and humiliating view of blacks.”

In 2017, French footballer Antoine Griezmann shared a photo of himself with black makeup online to pay tribute to an African-American basketball player as part of a costume party. The image had caused controversy, the footballer had recognized a “clumsiness”, he had publicly apologized.

The Dunkirk Carnival at the end of 2017 and its “black ball” poster it had also raised the clamor for an anti-racist association.

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