Elden Ring: “Creating names has been difficult since Game of Thrones” or when George RR Martin responds to a fan theory

game news Elden Ring: “Creating names has been difficult since Game of Thrones” or when George RR Martin responds to a fan theory

When it comes to crazy lore theories, the From Software community often responds. The test with who has stirred up the web in recent days: George RR Martin would have hidden his initials in the name of the bosses.


  • Give me a G, two R’s and an M
  • “Creating names is difficult from the Iron Throne”

Attention spoilers

This article goes over the names of some bosses related to the story. For those currently wandering the Underworld and discovering one by one the pleasures that their exploration can bring, it is recommended that you do not read the following.

Give me a G, two R’s and an M

elden ring, a sensational game from the beginning of the year, is the latest from From Software’s Japanese goldsmiths (Dark Souls, Sekiro, Demon’s Souls…). It was produced in collaboration with George RR Martin, author of the literary saga A song of ice and fire which served as source material for the television series. game of Thrones. For Elden Ring, it is also his pen that he brings in writing the framework of the story: the Elden Circle, the lifeblood of the World Tree, was broken and recovered by the descendants of the Queen of Inter-Earth. The Circle Fragments allowed them to become demigods and sparked a war called The Shattering. The player’s (very) heavy task is to defeat these lords and retrieve the shards to reconstitute the circle.

elden ring:


And about these gentlemen, a crazy theory emerged last week. pc gamer Note that the demigods of the Elden Ring, those important bosses in history, have one thing in common: all of their names begin with a George RR Martin surname initial. Godfrey, Rennala, Radagon and Marika. Only that. And as if that wasn’t enough, all opponents with a major rune have “benefited” from similar treatment and see their first name start with a G, R, or M.

“Creating names is difficult from the Iron Throne”

If the observation can make you smile, it would only be a simple coincidence: after all, the name of the science fiction author already has his name in the credits and today it is (almost) public notoriety that he collaborated on the game with Miyazaki. . However, he wanted to put things in his notablog blog in a post:

There’s a weird story on the internet about how I hid my initials in the Elden Ring. Good really? I have been writing and publishing short stories since 1971, and I have a strong intuition that I have given my characters first names that start with G, R or M… but also with the other letters of the alphabet. Coming up with names is hard, especially since Game of Thrones uses a lot of them and I really like to give family members names that look alike..

A less scripted ending than we would have liked, but this theory will have had the merit of stirring the brains of fans and mobilizing one of the reactions of one of the masters of science fiction. As a reminder, Elden Ring is available from February 25 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series and Xbox One.

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