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Discover the detailed summary of episode 4504 of More beautiful life in advance of Thursday, March 24, 2022, broadcast on France 3. Luna has decided to put Sunalee in her pocket. Franck and Delphine take big risks for Theo. Gabriel pushes his limits but his ego explodes.

Read the complete summary of PBLV season 18 episode 4504 of 03/24/2022 in preview with all the photos of the telenovela Plus belle la vie.

Moon more beautiful the vie

Luna the super stepmom Sunalee

Find them Complete summary of More beautiful life of Thursday, March 24, 2022 episode 4504 in advance, 3 days before the broadcast France 3): the summary of the previous episode PBLV 03/23/2022 It is online.

Delphine admits to Franck that she stopped her treatment to have as much energy as Théo. Franc reassures her, she can count on him.

Gabriel no longer feels, he had a laudatory article in the press. Léa thinks he deserves the medal from him…but this boosts his ego too much. Léa and Boher remind Gabriel that they also got a medal after the gym collapsed.

Bastien tells Luna that this is the first time Pablo has been so aggressive other than his sleepwalking fit. Bastien is touched that Luna is worried about Pablo as if he were her son.


Léa and Rose eat the chocolates that RIva received without him realizing all the gifts received / PBLV in advance episode 4504 of 03/24/2022

Franck stops by Delphine’s driver and handyman for poker.

gabriel more beautiful life

Gabriel has swollen ankles with all the accolades received

Léa examines a patient but doesn’t know what’s wrong. When she sees Gabriel, she asks him to make a diagnosis. Léa wanted to have a CT scan but Gabriel considers

Sunalee returns to the makeup store, she is caught in the act… exchanging packages of expensive/cheap products (to pay cheap having the most expensive product). The security guard calls Luna, who Sunalee poses as her mother. Luna promises not to tell Bastien: she reminds Luna that she is not her mother and that she is not in charge of her education.

frank more beautiful life

Franck is worried about Delphine, who is going off her medication.

More beautiful life in advance episode 4504 of March 24, 2022: Sunalee and Luna everything is fine

At night, Luna confides in Bastien that Sunalee made a mistake and that she handled it her way. Luna wants to put the kids in her pocket, she doesn’t want to be the bad guy… that’s Bastien’s role.

Bastien most beautiful life

Bastien and Luna are worried about Pablo

Gabriel is ready to undergo another operation despite a busy schedule… Jeanne asks Gabriel to take a break from his day. Léa comments that it is not serious.

According to PBLV

Theo and Delphine train for poker to pay off debts

During the poker game, Théo and Delphine have codes to understand each other discreetly. Delfina wins the game.

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