Munich presses to equalize, but Paris stands firm

Buhl bumps into Votikova

Another great opportunity for Bayern. Very restless at the beginning of the second half, Clara Buhl hits the ground low. Votikova makes a superb save and captures the ball.

Post for Bayern

Served in the box by Kumagai, Lohmann found Votikova’s left post. Post outgoing and PSG remains in front (1-0).

A double change to wake up Bayern?

Exit Vivianne Asseyi and Zadrazil. Lohmann and Rall replaced them to blow up this match where the level has dropped slightly in the second half.

Hamraoui’s great long shot

Unattacked at 25m, Kheira Hamraoui tries her luck from a distance. The Parisian midfielder’s shot is painfully deflected for a corner by Leitzig.

Buhl hard hit… to the side

Good recoil brake from De Almeida, but Clara Buhl manages to unleash a heavy shot. It ends up in Votikova’s side net. Still 1-0 for PSG but we have the first goal of this second act.

A fairly balanced start to the second half

As in the first half, Bayern tries to keep the ball during these first minutes of the second half. But Parisians are quietly touring and not worried at the moment.

Second period begins

PSG will have to defend their goal in advance and will even try to take a solid option in the standings by scoring one or more others.

Bayern will have to raise their level of play to endanger the Parisian defense where Amanda Ilestedt shines this Tuesday night.

Paris leads at halftime

A goal from Marie-Antoinette Katoto put PSG ahead in this first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals. If Bayern barely control the ball (52%), the Parisians are more efficient in its use.

On the bad news side, PSG’s German midfielder Sara Dabritz is out after a head-to-head clash. Amina Diallo returned to the field.

Ilestedt as patron saint of defense

Amanda Ilestedt diverts a new Bayern cross to a corner. The Parisian defender is a real wall against which the German players stumble.

Another yellow for Bayern after a sprint by Diani

Despite her speed, Giulia Gwinn cannot resist Kadidiatou Diani’s power. The German left-back receives a logical warning for an anti-game foul that ends with PSG’s counterattack.

Dabritz knocked out and replaced by Diallo

Hit in the head in an aerial duel, Sara Dabritz is stunned and won’t pick up. Aminata Diallo replaces the German midfielder for PSG. Dabritz’s departure is a blow to Paris.

Dabritz remains on the ground after a head-to-head clash

The PSG midfielder clears the ball but brings out the full force of Viggosdottir. The Icelander involuntarily heads the German from Paris. Sara Dabritz looks a bit dazed and Aminata Diallo goes out to warm up after a brief intervention by the Ile-de-France medical corps. The doctor asks for the change.

Schuller’s head… is up

New Munich offensive but Lea Schuller’s head goes way over. The referee puts the German center back in an offside position. PSG hold on and move on.

Bayern react timidly

Aside from a shot well over Votikova’s goal, Bayern have been unable to show danger since Katoto’s first goal.

The Germans seem to take the hit. The Parisians had to take advantage of it to score the goal of the break before the break and do damage to the rivals’ heads.

Katoto scores the first goal

In the corner that follows, after a header to the crossbar by Diani, Marie-Antoinette Katoto follows the small mistake well in the six meters and scores the first goal of this match. After video verification, the target is validated.

4th goal in 4 C1 games this for Katoto.

First yellow of the match for Asseyi

After a good play down the right wing, Kadidiatou Diani is hooked by the shirt before entering the area. Yellow card for the French Asseyi who will be sanctioned for the second leg. The good free kick is rejected for a corner by the defense.

Bayern sets the tempo of the match, Paris against

After a quarter of an hour of play, the tactical scheme of the two teams is clearly legible. Bayern press high and impose a great rhythm with possession of the ball.

PSG plays against but multiplies the inaccuracies and does not really worry the German defense. Katoto overflows down the right lane but his center finds no one and Bayern goes back on the attack.

Big chance for Buhl, Ilestedt is still there

After a good collective move, Buhl sees his shot deflected by Ilestedt. Corner that he does nothing for Bayern.

Bayern pushes, Ilestedt pushes back

New warning about PSG’s goal but Ilestedt makes a magnificent tackle to deflect the ball in a low cross from the right. Vivianne Asseyi seemed capable of coming back to score the first goal of this match. What a rescue!

the game is balanced

Things are going a little better for Parisians. Didier Ollé-Nicole’s protégés got the ball back a little more, but faced heavy pressure from the Bavarians early in the game.

Paris runs after the ball, first alert on Votikova’s goal

Diani’s first foul of the match on Giulia Gwinn and Bayern benefit from an eccentric free kick at 35m. Votikova wants to grab the ball but lets go. The Ile-de-France defense manages to emerge with difficulty.

He went away

The Parisians quickly project in attack but are countered. PSG goalkeeper Votikova is already forced to intervene in a high-mid cross after just one minute of play.

Good atmosphere in Munich

The atmosphere rises in the Allianz Arena. The Munich stadium is not full for this first match in the history of the women’s team in the lair of Lewandowski, Muller and other Neuer or Pavard.

If the two upper rings are closed, the lower one is quite well filled. This promises great moments for the players in front of a few thousand spectators. It gives way to the pre-match protocol with the anthem of the Women’s Champions League.

Images of the warm-up of the PSG players

The kick-off for this first leg of the quarterfinals is scheduled for 6:45 p.m. The Parisians arrived a few minutes ago to warm up on the pitch at the Allianz Arena.

The Bavarian Compo

Highlight the presence of the French Viviane Asseyi and the former Lyonnaise Saki Kumagai among the starters of the German team.

Leonze from Bayern: Leitzig – Kumagai, Glas, Gwinn, Schuller, Viggosdottir, Magull, Buhl, Asseyi, Wenninger, Zadrazil.

The replacements: Runnarsdottir, Beerensteyn, Rall, Damnjanovic, Dallmann, Lohmann, Vilhjalmsdottir, Simon, Landenberger, Kett.

The composition of PSG has fallen

Didier Ollé-Nicole launches his usual 4-3-3 to challenge Bayern.

PSG’s eleven: Votikova – Karchaoui, Ilestedt, De Almeida, Lawrence – Hamraoui, Geyoro, Dabritz – Baltimore, Katoto, Diani.

Replacements: Toussaint, Vol, Cascarino, Luana, Fazer, Diallo, Bachmann, Bizet, Khelifi, Huitema.

A little over an hour after the start of the crash

The Parisian dressing room refines the last details before the start of this first leg of the quarterfinals of the Women’s Champions League against Bayern in Munich.

See you at 18:45 for the kick-off live from the Allianz Arena.

The Parisian queens of Expected Goals

With 25 goals scored in the six group stage games, PSG have had an impeccable run with six wins. Better still, the Ile-de-France club have had plenty of chances with 135 shots in the Champions League, the second-highest total behind Barca (190 shots).

But the French club has the best ratio in terms of goals scored compared to goals expected. PSG have the best difference (6.1) in C1 with their 25 wins for 18.9 EG.

The video enters the contention for the quarterfinals

Note that the VAR makes its appearance from the quarterfinals of this Women’s Champions League. The start of the meeting is in just over three hours.

The Champions League, the number 1 goal of the female PSG

Like the men’s section, PSG women dream of winning their first Champions League title. Unlucky finalists twice in 2015 and 2017, the Franciliennes are strong believers this season.

First in their group ahead of Real Madrid, they face Munich second in their group behind OL.

“We know very well that today is a title that we want to win”, confirmed the French Grace Geyoro for RMC Sport. All players want to win a Champions League. It is an exceptional competition and the objective is to reach the end. We know that we will have to go through several stages and many very important games and a lot of intensity. The Champions League, we can place it in goal number 1. It is an exceptional competition.

Hamraoui and Diallo, a high-speed reinsertion

A few months after the sordid case of aggression against Kheira Hamraouithe Parisian midfielder and his partner Aminata Diallo, a time suspected and then cleared, PSG plays much of their season in this double matchup against Bayern.

Overtaken by OL in the French championship, the Franciliennes have made the Champions League their main goal.

Good morning to all,

Eliminated by Barça, the future winner, last season, the PSG players launch this Tuesday the assault of a new final phase of the women’s Champions League.

Since the quarterfinals, the Parisians, trained by Didier Olle-Nicole face a formidable opponent in the person of Bayern Munich. In 2020-2021, the Bavarians also left the competition at the semi-final stage. It is a great piece that awaits the women’s PSG this Tuesday. The first leg of the quarterfinals can be followed live with commentary on the RMC Sport website and app.

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