Murder of Federico Martin Aramburu: army, GUD, ultraviolence… who is Loïk Le Priol, the main suspect actively wanted?

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The former Argentine rugby player was shot dead this weekend after an altercation in a Paris bar. The police are still looking for two men, including Loïk Le Priol.

Of the two people wanted in the case of the murder of Federico Martin AramburuLoïk Le Priol has been identified as the main suspect in the murder of the 42-year-old ex-rugbyperpetrated on the night of Saturday March 19 to Sunday March 20 in Paris. still on the runthe 27-year-old far-right activist was quickly identified as the suspected shooter. A look back at the journey of a far-right activist fanatical about violence.

A former soldier expelled from the army

Loïk Le Priol joined the army at the age of 17 after a few years at the Ecole des Mousses according to an article in street press. With the navy commandosthis weapons enthusiast would have participated in external operations in Mali and Djibouti between 2013 and 2015 before being repatriated to France on the recommendation of military doctorsdue to a state of severe post-traumatic stress, again depending on the medium. But that same year, according to our colleagues from Mariannewould have been implicated in Djibouti for having “beat and strangled a prostitute”. An aggression too shameful for the French army? In any case, the case would have been resolved with the payment by France of 350,000 Djiboutian francs (about 1,700 euros), according to our colleagues.

A familiar figure on the far right.

Loïk Le Priol is a former member of the Union Defense Group (GUD), a far-right French student organization created in the 1960s. Known for its violent actionsit self-disbanded in 2017.

In 2016, at the age of 21, the former soldier founded his Identity clothing brand “Babtou solid”, which enjoyed success in nationalist circles. Thanks to his presence in the far-right movement, he brings this brand to life through multiple collaborations and photos of his t-shirts on social media. And as StreetPress reports, beyond his membership in far-right action groups, the activist has also been able to weave links with the more “traditional” French extreme right. Through this brand he appeared several times with personalities more or less close to the National Front.

\ud83d\udd34 Neo-fascist activist and founder of Babtou Solid, Loïk Le Priol is suspected of murdering Federico Aramburu on Saturday in Paris

As we have long known @streetpresswe trace their journey and their networks to the far right

— Christophe-C Garnier (@ChrisCGarnier) March 21, 2022

In particular, we were able to see him pose on social networks with personalities such as Jean-Romée Charbonneau, candidate for the national rally in Niort during the last municipal elections of 2020, or even Julien Rochedy, former spokesman for the National Youth Front. The latter reacted on Twitter on Tuesday, saying that he was “sad for the victim and his family” and wishing that netizens “have never had a friend who would one day do something like this.”

…how happy we are when we meet an old friend who seems to be on the mend. Then comes this horrible information out of the blue. A fight, alcohol, firearms, Loik going crazy and committing this unspeakable act…

— Julien Rochedy (@JRochedy) March 22, 2022

An already heavy criminal history

Still according to information from MarianneLoik Le Priol is unfavorably known by justice for acts of violence and would have four mentions in his criminal record. At the time of the attack on Federico Martin Aramburu, the 27-year-old man had been under judicial surveillance since 2015, for having participated in the violent aggression of Edouard Klein, former leader of the GUD, with several people. After 10 days in pre-trial detention, the nationalist activist was released on bail.

Since this case, according to the newspaper Break free, Loik Le Priol was to point out a police station in Draguignan, in the Var, where he is installed, with the prohibition to appear in Paris. Before the attack on the former Argentine rugby player, he was already in an illegal situation. He is now actively soughtas well as his alleged accomplice, while the young woman present at the time of the events was brought before a judge with a view to her probable accusation, while a flagrant investigation was opened for murder it was opened and entrusted to the criminal squad.

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