OM: salaries, Longoria reveals its mode of operation

The sports director and then president of Olympique de Marseille, Pablo Longoria, has been able to implement a healthier salary table since his arrival in July 2020. With a clear and precise system, the Spaniard explained his way of working.

OM: wages, Longoria d

Pablo Longoria follows specific ideas for OM.

It is no secret that Olympique de Marseille has not always been well managed since the arrival of Frank McCourt in 2016. For years, the wage bill has been seriously bloated, not allowing the Phocen club to be installed in the Champions League by the hard way.

Arriving as sporting director in July 2020, current Olympic President Pablo Longoria has had a lot of work to do in this area.

A clear and precise model

In addition to having to manage the consequences of the previous management with certain XXL contracts, in particular that of Kevin Strootman, the Spaniard, due to his limited financial means, had to make an effort to set up a healthier salary grid. A very precise operation with, in particular, a workforce made up of 4 groups. In descending order: premium players, starters, substitutes and young players. When I negotiate a contract with a rookie, I think of a general package: amortization of the transfer, salary, agent fees and exploration costs. For the global mass, the calculation is even more difficult, you have to integrate the participations in the European competitions, the extraordinary income, the possible capital gains, the envelope and your margin of maneuver may vary. I try to plan for three seasonsLongoria explained for the newspaper L’Equipe.

Thanks to his previous experiences, the OM boss is also trying to avoid trouble in his locker room. Thus, the 36-year-old player imposes principles in discussions with the players. Negotiate on the net with all the players, do not make distinctions between foreigners and French, or turn your head upside down with the tax advantages. Valencia, the Spanish in the group felt a bit left out. The net, what he carries in his pocket, that is what counts for the player, and the fact that he feels his place on the grid, he trusted. Similarly, Longoria always seeks to ensure the balance of clans within a work force. There are the “Spanish-Italians”, as I call them, the Brazilians and the French, although we try to bring players capable of joining the different groups, in the endsummed up the Iberian.

Serena Longoria with the DNCG

Despite this desire for good management, it should not be forgotten that OM is supervised, in terms of its payroll and transfer allocations, by the DNCG due to its financial situation. To allow the arrival of Amine Harit last summer, after Cdric Bakambu and Sead Kolasinac this winter, Longoria had to play by the rules and count on the efforts of certain players (Álvaro González, Pol Lirola, Leonardo Balerdi) to postpone a part of their wages for the following year. Regarding the 2020-2021 season, the average salary per month in gross has even increased by 23,000 euros (from 203,000 to 226,000).

I care about good management. We have sincere and transparent relations with the DNCG. I am not in favor of the systematization of deferrals, in Spain we are attached to radical and healthy financial rules. Only there, salaries can be paid at the end of the season, in July, which protects your cash flow (the cash, editor’s note)Longoria justified. Without resolving all of OM’s financial concerns, the OM president has a transparent role model with boundaries and a desire to preserve balance within his locker room. A real revolution compared to the previous addresses…

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