Quickly uninstall this malicious app downloaded over 100,000 times

If you have downloaded Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools on your phone, please uninstall it. This rogue app actually hides a Trojan that bypasses your Facebook credentials.

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Source: Rami Al-zayat via Unsplash

Unfortunately, discovering malicious applications on the google play store it has become commonplace. Fortunately they are not the majority, but the risk exists. The latest finding from Pradeo security researchers: explained via a blog post — is further proof of this.

These experts have discovered an infected application by the name of Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools, which is mainly used to download an image and apply a cartoon-like filter to it. Problem: This app, downloaded over 100,000 times, can steal your Facebook credentials.

A fake login page

Like many apps today, Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools requires you to log in to your Facebook account to access its features. This is where the hackers’ magic works: the Facebook login page is actually fake and cleverly well imitated by hackers.

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Source: Pradeo

In addition, a small code has been introduced so that it goes unnoticed against the protections of Google Play. Therefore, it is this code that allows them to collect the identifying information. In short, the entire process appears to have been intelligently and clandestinely automated.

Still available on the Play Store as of March 21, according to various English-speaking outlets like computer beep, the editing app has already been removed from the Google app store. But it helps to draw everyone’s attention to the reliability of certain apps. However, remember to uninstall it if you are one of the victims.

What are the reflexes to have?

To better arm yourself against these types of mishaps, remember to look at an app’s rating and reviews when in any doubt. To go further, you can also do a Google search or check if the developer’s contact details are consistent right after download, right in the “Developer contact details».

Obviously, if you’re affected, reset your Facebook password and enable two-factor authentication. To go further, we have also written a complete file for you. help protect your smartphone, tablet or PC.

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