The sparkling Kate Middleton: “vampire” dress and embroidered clutch in Mayan lands

For a reception organized near a Mayan temple in Belize, Kate Middleton fell in love with a sublime dress from the brand The Vampire’s Wife, of which she is a fan. A bright outfit for a remarkable appearance.

The new look of Kate Middleton it did not go unnoticed. On an official trip as part of the celebration of the jubilee of Elizabeth II, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge deposited their bags, on March 19, in Belize, as part of a tour of the Caribbean. As their first stay draws to a close and they prepare to travel to jamaicaThey decided to go out in style, with a reception in their honor given by the Governor General of Belize, Froyla Tzalam, in a very special and symbolic place: the Cahal Pech archaeological center in San Ignacio.

Cahal Pech is, according to archaeological studies, the oldest site in the country. The temple, now in ruins, is one of the most important Mayan remains in Belize, a country located south of Mexico and east of Guatemala. And for the occasion, Prince William and Kate Middleton they were 31. If Isabel II’s grandson wore a blue suit with a matching shirt, his wife had opted for a bright pink dress, The Light Sliper Dress, from Vampire’s Wife. A brand highly appreciated by the Duchess of Cambridge, who wore one of her creations, a green dress, for her visit to Ireland in 2020. To complete her look, she fell in love with beautiful gold earrings and a white clutch embroidered with Mayan motifs.

Kate Middleton’s wardrobe scrutinized in Belize

Who says official trip also says authentic parade for Kate Middleton, who has established herself since her marriage to Prince William as one of the best-dressed crowned heads. Respectful of protocol, she is best known for her refined tastes, and for highlighting British designers, such as Alexander McQueen, Jenny Packham or The Vampire’s Wife, launched by model Susie Cave. However, she sometimes commits some infidelities to set her sights on other creations, such as her sublime print blue dress by designer Tory Burch, or his blue earrings French brand Sézane.

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