You can earn money with your old PS4!

Good news You can earn money with your old PS4!

Yes, and it’s legal if you’re wondering. It is very possible to earn some money with your old PlayStation 4 console, but it is also the case with your Xbox, your Nintendo Switch and many other consoles. To do this, a special method is required. We tell you everything in this article!

Earn money with your old consoles thanks to Micromania!

We all know Micromania, this brand specialized in video games and everything that revolves around it. An unmissable event at every major video game release, a place of all tribulations when looking for a second-hand game, Micromania is even a must-see weekly for some.

This same brand is also known for getting your games back. This means that you can save money on your new games by reselling your old ones. And you can do the same with your consoles! So if you want to invest in a state-of-the-art console while cutting the bill, it’s a great way to go through Micromania’s trade-in system.

Find out more on the Micromania website

It is true that if you no longer use it, and you have also managed to get a new generation console, it can allow you a lot of games, accessories and even figurines if you are a fan!

Resell your PS4, yes, but under what conditions?

Going with Micromania to resell your PS4 (or any other console) is one thing, but the console you’re offering must still meet certain criteria.

These are cataloged by the Micromania company itself and allow you to see devices in good condition arriving at their warehouses.

First, you must:

  • be of age
  • show your ID
  • Present your Megacard (or create one for free)

In order for your console to be eligible, it must also be brought in in good working order and condition (no dents or cracks) with visible serial numbers (no original box required):

In order for Micromania to receive your console, it must be in good working order. It should be free of dents or cracks and the serial numbers should be visible. However, it is not necessary to return the original box. In addition, you also need:

  • that the console has never been disassembled (the seals ensure this guarantee).
  • An official controller in good condition, serial number readable and fully functional.
  • the power cable and an HDMI cable.
  • the accessories present with the new console (example for the OLED Switch: the comfort handle for the joy-cons, the dock, the straps), any missing element can be invoiced.

Some good things to know:

  • it is possible to bring replacement cables to the original cables. As long as they are functional, recovery can be accepted.
  • there is no need to format the console.
  • As part of your console trade-in, you can receive credits to use within 6 months only at Micromania stores.
  • It is also possible that the recovery is made in cash (they offer a discount of €10).

At what price can Micromania get your PS4 or Switch back?

To find out exactly how much you can get from your old console, we invite you to consult this grid provided by Micromania:

Console Exchange price (credit or cash)
PS5 standard €400
PS5 digital €300
ps4 professional €225
ps4 slim €175
ps4 €165
xbox series x €400
xbox s series €200
xbox one x €175
xbox one s €130
xbox one €100
Change OLEDs €225
Change €175
light switch €140

Find out more on the Micromania website

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