200 vacancies in Marseille hospitals (AP-HM)

While hospital structures are experiencing hiring difficulties, this Monday, March 21, marks the start of a campaign launched by the government. Objective: restore the image of the health professions, highly impacted by the health crisis.

Health professions are no longer a dream. This is the observation made by the Scientific Council that 20% of beds are closed in France due to lack of staff. All sectors are affected by these hiring difficulties, doctors, nurses and nursing assistants.

Marseille hospitals are no exception. No fewer than 150 positions for nursing staff and 50 positions for physicians are currently open within the AP-HM.

“We are actively seeking above all nurses, babysitters, radio technicians, but also medical personnel, especially in the emergency room,” explains Caroline Péragut, director of communication.

Because Due to this shortage of professionals, which is national, we are forced to close beds due to lack of personnel.

To address this lack of human resources, Marseille hospitals are deploying all the tools at their disposal. “We try to give visibility to our job offers, we multiply our efforts by participating in fairs, we try to imagine campaigns to make the hospital known.”

One page Facebook It was even created to promote these job offers and the benefits associated with them.

“We still have assets, we have nurseries to take care of young children, a good quality of life here…” But for Caroline Péragut these professions are suffering “a problem of attractiveness”.

For this reason, in an attempt to attract new vocations, the Government is launching a recruitment campaign in the health professions starting this Monday. In particular, this video clip spread on social networks:

But the launch of this campaign is struggling to convince professionals. “It’s too late, too late!” Nathalie Malhole, general secretary of the CGT union at La Timone, looks grey.

“I don’t think recruiting is done like that in hospitals. Here at AP-HM, you won’t find many people to come.” The reason, according to her, of the working conditions “execrable”.

“We’re trying to get officers to work in deplorable conditions and covid hasn’t helped. The first two waves, they really pulled the strings. We didn’t have masks or gloves. A lot of people got sick. So in the third and fourth wavethere are many of them who are gone.”

In the network, many react in the same way:

For Nathalie Malhole the problem is the other way around. “We must stop the bleeding now. That means keeping employees in mind and giving them the equipment they need. Not a day goes by without someone asking how to apply for mutual consent or how to get out of AP-HM. Today, that is our daily life.”

She fears an advertisement effect. “I’m not sure they want to put the media into it. It’s just communication, a month before the election…”

Allocate more resources to the health system in all territories and the 2nd of the 12 priorities listed by the French during the operation My France 2022.

East online consultation Produced by France 3 Regions in collaboration with France Bleu and the Make.org platform, it gathered one million entries and gathered 34,000 citizen proposals.

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