CAF: RSA, activity bonus… discover the new amounts applicable on April 1

The active solidarity income and the activity bonus, both paid by the Caf, will be revalued on April 1, 2022. Find out the new amount.

+ 16 euros for the RSA

The RSA provides people at least 25 years of age without resources with a minimum income level It varies according to the composition of the household. In 2021, an eligible single person living in France (except Mayotte) received a monthly lump sum allowance of €559.74. Next month, this will amount to €575.52, an increase of €15.78 per month (€189.36 in the year), informs us family folder. By categories, the new amounts amount precisely to:

  • For a single person without dependent children: €575.52
  • For a single person with two dependent children: €863.28
  • For a single person with three dependent children: €1,035.94
  • Increase for additional dependent: €1,266.15
  • For a couple without dependent children: €863.28
  • For a couple with a dependent child: €1,035.94
  • For a couple with two dependent children: €1,208.58
  • For a couple with three dependent children: €1,438.61
  • Increase for additional dependent: €230.21

Exchange for accommodation package

Housing package amounts are changing slightly compared to 2021. These amounts will be deducted from the RSA if you receive housing assistance or have no housing expenses to pay.. The amount of the package depends on the number of people in the household. For one person it now goes to €69.06, for two people to €138.12 and for three or more people: €170.93.

What is the “housing package”?

The housing package is a lump sum withheld to assess housing-related benefits enjoyed by a beneficiary. It is taken into account by social organizations to assess the applicant’s resources when he also benefits from housing aid (APL for example).

Instead of taking into account the amount paid for housing assistance, the organization retains a fixed amount that is revalued each year and that varies according to the number of people residing in the beneficiary’s household. It is this amount that is used to later deduct the resources already received for housing assistance. The housing package also applies when the applicant is considered to be receiving a benefit in kind for his accommodation, ie when he stays for free or owns his accommodation.

Activity Bonus Boost

In 2022, the activity bonus will see its amount increased by 1.8% from April 2022, in line with the rise in prices observed for several months in France. As a reminder, the revaluation had only been 0.1% in the spring of 2021, details family folder.

Specifically, the maximum lump sum for a single person will soon rise to €563.68 per month, compared to €553.71 in 2021. For a single person with a dependent child, this amount rises to €845.52 per month and €1,014.62 for two children.

What is the activity bonus for?

Created in 2016, it is a monthly income supplement paid each month by the Family Allowance Funds (CAF) or the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA). The objective of the activity bonus isencourage workers (salaried or self-employed) with modest resources to exercise or resume a professional activity and support your purchasing power. You must be over 18 years of age to qualify for this social assistance. 4.5 million French people are beneficiaries, according to the public service website.

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