FIFA 22: Maradona eliminated from the game, but for what reasons?

game news FIFA 22: Maradona eliminated from the game, but for what reasons?

The legendary Argentine footballer who passed away in 2020, Diego Armando Maradona is obviously a very popular player among football fans and many have tried to get his card in FIFA 22. Unfortunately this is no longer possible and we will explain why.

A bad negotiation of the rights in question?

FIFA 22: Maradona eliminated from the game, but for what reasons?

In addition to many official teams, fifa22 incorporates legendary players which can be obtained and used to play matches, even if your actual career is over. Currently, players starting the FIFA 22 experience the appearance of a message, indicating that Maradona has been eliminated Ultimate Team, Ultimate Draft and Team Aid World XI modes. In this message, Electronic Arts indicates that this disappearance is due a “legal dispute with a third party”and the value of the card has been frozen until further notice, which means that players with a must be able to maintain it.

We share our fans’ disappointment and look forward to bringing one of football’s greatest icons back to the game at some point in the future.

But what happened? The publisher remains vague about the reasons for this legal disagreement, but VGC indicates that it could come from a Concern about the management of rights related to Maradona. In late 2021, an Argentine court indicated that the rights had has potentially been traded with the wrong personand that it was necessary to put all this in order before the player could be available in the game. According to the Argentine site Infobae, EA would have negotiated the rights with Stefano Ceciformer coach of the deceased Ballon d’Or, but the Court considered that the latter did not have without legal mandate allowing him to do it.

Maradona’s rights management is a quagmire

This is all part of a larger mess, which also involves Matías Morla, Maradona’s lawyer, who assures for his part that his company Sattvica had acquired the rights of the former player before his death. A declaration Questioned by Maradona’s daughters, who filed a complaint against Sattvica, who had to stop using the player image. Faced with this situation, Judge Marcelo Gota said:

It is appropriate to grant the precautionary measure to prevent the use of the trademark in case of alleged violation of trademark rights. (EA) must submit to the precautionary measure and immediately cease the use of the indicated brands by all means that are implemented. The necessary measure must be adopted, until the rights of each of the parties to the procedure are clarified (…) in order to avoid the infringement of any intellectual property right, when there is a probability that any delay will cause irreparable damage to the rights holder. .

In short, the situation is currently very complex, and forces Electronic Arts to cease all use of Maradona’s image in FIFA 22. No estimates have been given on the return of the player in the various modes in question.

FIFA 22: Maradona eliminated from the game, but for what reasons?

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