Gaspard Ulliel: the incredible and unexpected family history of Vicky Krieps, his last partner

In Luxembourg, the Krieps family was of fundamental importance. A former minister, Vicky Krieps’s grandfather participated in two social advances of which she is very proud.

In Luxembourg, Vicky Krieps’ surname is steeped in historyme. If the actress makes the Grand Duchy shine in front of the movie cameras, her family has a long political history. Her grandfather, Robert Krieps, was Minister of National Education and Justice. It was he who abolished the death penalty on May 17, 1979. He also helped found Planned Parenthood in the same years. This heritage Vicky Krieps is very proud of.. And his grandfather, sent to the Natzweiler-Struthof and Dachau concentration camps during World War II, inspires him. “I think the ghost of my grandfather contributes to all my films”she trusts the columns of the Parisian.

“Ne pas faire de compromis, avoir le courage d’aller au bout de ses idées, prendre le risque de se confronter aux gens, aller au conflict pour les choses dans lesquelles on croit… Je ne peux pas faire un film dans lequel I do not believe it”aggregate Vicky Krieps with our colleagues. To the Luxembourg media, the last companion of Gaspard Ulliel He explained that he was inspired in his daily life and in his profession by the character of his illustrious grandfather. “My grandfather was very important. He taught me never to give up and not to let myself go. Very young, he was resistant and survived the concentration camps., she said. againstIt influenced his whole life, his attitude towards others. Speak your mind, even if diplomacy is necessary, assert your choices, resist pressure…”

Vicky Krieps: “He’s the one who taught me to keep going, even in doubt.”

Vicky Krieps then found enough “funny” having “he starred in several rather political films”. Surely a choice dictated by his incredible family history. “I always find this path around war, around the human being who must win above all, fight for a just and true world. It comes from my grandfather. He is the one who taught me to move forward, even in doubt.described the actress, who traveled the world through him. “He instilled this courage in me,” summarized Vicky Kriepswhile admitting that his surname can be difficult to get along with in Luxembourg. “But growing up (…) with this last name made me think twice about what I was doing. For example, when I was younger, I had criticized the school system, and quite virulent articles had appeared, hinting that I wanted to profile myself to play politics…he lamented. It was a bit heavy.”

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