“I shot myself in the foot from day one,” admits Stéphanie, eliminated in episode 5

The flame of his torch had been flickering for several weeks. This Tuesday, Denis Brogniart extinguished the torch of Stephanie, she who escaped elimination last week thanks to a draw in front of benjamin. This time, the candidate Koh Lanta he had his hopes of change dashed despite his good idea of ​​an anti-blue alliance. His last minutes were even sporting as he collided with Colin. “When I left the council, he gave me a little heart with his fingers,” he reveals to 20 minutes.

The council is marked by your little entanglement with Colin. Why did you raise the tone?

When Colin explains that there is a yellow team, I smile disapprovingly. I see that there are still disparities and that we feel like a very strong ex-blue trio. At the time, I didn’t understand Colin’s reaction. He told me that it was my problem but that it was not an assault at all. He didn’t expect to be attacked like this, so I reacted a bit strongly. I didn’t say anything bad, so there’s no point in jumping down my throat. I calmed him down a bit and that’s what he gave this thing. But Colin is a fiery young man who I adore, so it was a 20-second mess. When I left the council, he gave me a little heart with his fingers.

Is it a real risk to open it during the consultation?

Yes, but anyway Koh Lanta, it is a risk to open it H24 (laughs). We are always on guard, we never always say what we think because we are always afraid of being judged. I preferred to be myself. I don’t think it made a big difference to tonight’s vote, people decided it was going to be me.

Your plan to eliminate Alexandra really could have worked. Why wasn’t it?

It was a good strategy, but I couldn’t convince Anne-Sophie, who was hesitant. She said that the strong had to hold their own at this stage of the adventure. I tried to defend my case, to tell her that Alexandra was null in the last two events, that she made us lose our immunity… Alexandra said from the first day that she was very strong and it stayed in my mind. From the first day, I said that I was not strong and it stuck with me, I shot myself in the foot.

You have drawn three black balls before three of the tests. Is that the biggest regret of your adventure?

No, it’s the second. My biggest regret is highlighting my weaknesses instead of my strengths. I think that’s what my adventure cost me. The black balls, I’m fed up but at least it makes the people around me laugh. The other day, at the galette des rois, I had a black ball instead of the bean (laughs). In real life, in the game, the first one was fine. The second, it began to smell of bad luck. The third, I cried because I only experienced the horrible Koh Lanta : survival, nights, rain, cold, hunger. I didn’t even experience the fun of the events, the excitement and bonding with my team. In the end, I was a spectator of Koh Lanta and it was frustrating.

In their votes, some like Colin and Nicolás reproach you for your lack of sporting level. What do you think ?

If I had kept my mouth shut when I said I sucked, they wouldn’t have had any material to say that. This is where my deletion is completely my fault. If I had said when I arrived that I walked three hours a day with my dog, that I did horseback riding, did gymnastics and that I had an infallible balance, it would never have happened like this.

You had votes against you from the first council. Is this a difficult situation to live?

It’s very difficult because we’re going through something that most of the others don’t know about at this level of the game. When you’re on the bench, you have the pressure on everything. I never told myself that I was going to put myself in the hammock to rest because they were going to judge me. I gave myself twice as much at camp, I was always active from sunrise to sunset. And then I took out the black balls, I spent less energy than the others, so I had to double it. Having your name on the board changes your adventure. We are under pressure all the time and it is really exhausting.

In the networks we have seen you with a lot of self-mockery. Was the broadcast only positive for you?

People make me laugh out loud. There’s still a guy who edited me with his head in a cement bag [Nicolas a comparé Stéphanie à un sac de ciment la semaine dernière]. What’s more, he sent it to me saying “it’s humor, don’t you blame me? “It makes me die of laughter! I am also lucky to have had 100% positive feedback. Not all adventurers have experienced this. Until the end of my adventure, I only have people who send me messages of love and support. This is crazy !

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