kyiv remains under threat, but the Russian army is withdrawing on several fronts.

kyiv remains an objectif of the Russian army, more celle-ci est bloquée ces dernières semaines au nord-ouest et à l’est de la capitale ukrainienne, et a dû reculer ces derniers jours sur plusieurs de ces fronts, a affirmé mercredi 23 March Mayor Vitali Klitschko.

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«The target of the attacker is the capital of Ukraine, the heart of our country.“said the former world boxing champion during a press conference in a historic park in the city center overlooking the Dnieper River. “There are always many attacks coming from the north and east of our city.“, explained Vitali Klitschko, at the foot of a famous statue of the Archangel Saint-Michel. The councilman, speaking alternately in English and Ukrainian, was accompanied by his brother Wladimir, also a world boxing champion. “Near Brovary (eastern outskirts of kyiv), from the north behind Liutij a big battle is taking place and, according to information from official sources, the small settlement of Makariv (west) and almost all of Irpin (northwest) are already under the control of ukrainian soldiers“, he said.

Asked about an ongoing Ukrainian counteroffensive, he assured that he did not have precise information on this issue, while a Ukrainian press agency mentioned a possible encirclement by Russian forces in Irpin, Boutcha and Gostomel, towns in the northwest of kyiv.

“Leave our country, go home”

The Irpin and Liutij areas were the scene of intense artillery exchanges on Wednesday, with particularly strong activity behind the Irpin front, AFP noted. These fronts remain closed to the press today, after the death of several journalists in this area. “Our message to Russians: leave our country, go home. We don’t know how long it will take (…), it may be long“warned the mayor of kyiv. “I’d rather die than kneel before the Russian forces. We are ready to defend every building, every street, every corner of our city. The entire city now has combat outposts.“Vitali Klitschko said.

«In all parts of the country, the Russian army destroys all civilian infrastructure, kills civilians (…). We believe that this can happen in our city, that the Russians can launch attacks against civilians and destroy the entire infrastructure in the Ukrainian capital.“, he added. A residential area in the northwest of the city was the target of shelling on Wednesday morning, which damaged several houses and injured four people. Since the beginning of the invasion on February 24, 73 civilians, including 4 children , have died and 297 have been injured in kyiv, according to a latest report communicated to AFP on Wednesday by the mayor’s spokesman.

When asked about the reasons for a full 35-hour curfew this start of the week, Vitali Klitschko explained: “having received information from the armed forces about possible attacks“. From “dozens of saboteursthey have also been arrested since the start of the war, he said.

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