Les Enfants des Justes on France 2: what is the value of the TV movie with Mathilde Seigner and Gérard Lanvin in the context of World War II? – Movie News

Fabien Onteniente (“Camping”) changes register tonight on France 2 with “Les Enfants des Justes”, a dramatic fiction with Mathilde Seigner and Gérard Lanvin, which takes place in France during World War II.

What is that talking about?

In France in 1942. Blanche and Virgile live in the free zone, along the demarcation line. Both help a local network of resistance fighters by serving, thanks to Virgil’s ship, as smugglers for a growing number of refugees. As the war intensifies, the couple, unable to have children, propose one day to take in 10-year-old Sarah, a Jewish girl who is impatiently waiting for her parents…

sons of the righteousWednesday, March 23 at 9:10 p.m. on France 2

With whom?

Mathilde Seigner and Gerard Lavin They play Blanche and Virgile Laborie, a childless couple who will take in Sarah, a 10-year-old Jewish girl abandoned by her parents. This is amber shovelswho played Lili in season 6 of Samwho plays this key character.

Felipe Torreton meanwhile, he plays Doctor Dujarric, who is in charge of bringing the Jews safely to the free zone. daniele lebron (Together, it’s all), Francois Bureloup (Sheriff), Cyril Lecomte (Sophie Cruz) and sophie guillemin (H24) completes the distribution.

Is it worth taking a look?

Accustomed to making us laugh with popular comedies like Camping, All inclusive or Disk, Fabian Ontenientedirector and co-author of Les Enfants des Justes, makes a 180-degree turn with this dramatic fiction adapted from the novel of the same name by Christian Signol, which transports us directly to the years 1942.

As the war rages, a couple of childless farmers living in the free zone join a network of resistance fighters to transport refugees by boat. Very soon, they will welcome a little Jewish girl who will change their lives.

With Les Enfants des Justes, Fabien Onteniente intended to tell the story of ordinary French people who took risks to save the Jews from a disastrous fate. Fascinated by this historical period, he was eager to make a war film that tells the small story in the big.

If the narration remains classic and the twists predictable, this fiction is pleasant to watch thanks in particular to the sober interpretation of the two main actors.

Mathilde Seigner and Gérard Lanvin, who already have a long career behind them, once again demonstrate their talent in this subtle record.

The young Ambre Pallas, who gets her second big role on the small screen here, shines in her portrayal of Sarah, a girl who has lost everything and will have to get used to her new life.

The broadcast on France 2 of Children of the Righteous takes place within the framework of a great evening around the period of our history that led to the occupation of France by Nazi Germany and collaboration. The 90-minute fiction will be followed by a new documentary “Infrarouge”: La rafle des notables, an adaptation of the book of the same name by Anne Sinclair.

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