Lidl, Carrefour, Aldi… ration certain products in Europe, due to the war in Ukraine

Every week brings its share of problems and for two years it doesn’t stop. fresh out of health crisis war breaks out in Ukraine. Last week, a carrier strike resulted in the closure of two stores. Lidl in Spain. Never seen! Our Belgian neighbors are having a hard time stocking up, forcing stores to take certain measures…

War in Ukraine: supply problems in Europe

On the Belgian side, the situation is getting more and more complicated on the shelves. For example, last week, Colruyt, which is the largest supermarket chain in the country, was the first to share the bad news. In fact, the brand is obliged to put limits on the sale of certain items. Consumers are limited in the quantities purchased. They can no longer buy more than two bottles of oil and two bags of flour per customer.

Unimaginable restrictions

The sign still tries to be soothing to avoid panic among its population. In fact, he explains that there is no shortage (yet), but notices that the customers’ consumption has changed and she is not “more normal”, according to information from the Belgian agency. The Belgian company is not the only one that has announced these measures. Indeed, Lidl it had also declared limits on the purchase of oil, canned vegetables and also toilet paper.

The same on the side ofAldi, the store also has demand its distributors to limit quantities per customer. For example, consumers cannot purchase more than three pieces of oil, wheat flour, or bread mix on one receipt. The information will be disseminated to customers with large posters placed on the walls of the stores.

When Emmanuel Macron speak war two years ago, here we are! “Currently, our supplier is able to keep up with production but, due to the sudden increase in sales of these products, the supply chain unfortunately cannot keep up”she explains.

Customers no longer consume in the same way

The Belgian agency explained that the signal Carrefour analyzed” the store-to-store situation. The situation has evolved. Thanks to the messages they collected, several consumers changed their behavior and we noticed an increase in demand for certain products.” Thus, each store manager can implement their own measures. In fact, we do not all consume in the same way everywhere in France.

For example, in Gijón, in northwestern Spain, German distributors Lidl announced last week the total closure of two stores, because they do not have enough products to put in the Ray for your client. This due to transport strikes. But, this is not the only reason that scares companies. In fact, the war in Ukraine is likely to make supplies even more difficult, and this, throughout Europe. Some specialists even speak of a food crisis in twelve to eighteen months. An unprecedented and unimaginable situation long ago. Where is the world headed to?

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