Lidl hits hard and cuts prices ahead of the return of spring with this gas barbecue.

Spring has arrived in France and the sun is shining over much of the country. To celebrate the arrival of sunny days, LIDL has launched a low-cost gas barbecue.

LIDL has managed to establish itself everywhere in France and knows how to attract customers with its low prices. The hard discount brand offers quality food and small appliances to make life easier for the French.

After the centrifuge and the heated blender, LIDL decided to hit hard again. In its new catalogue, the brand offers a very practical Grill Meister gas barbecue. No more hassles with making a fire and grilling your meats and vegetables with this device. The piezoelectric system allows it to turn on in a few seconds.

lidl gas grill

LIDL launches gas barbecue

The barbecue is suitable for a 5 kg gas bottle and contains a cooking zone with two separately adjustable stainless steel burners. It also has a large grill surface of 40×37 cm. A great way to enjoy a barbecue night with family or friends.

A barbecue that preserves the flavor of food

The LIDL barbecue is very practical because it has a steel lid with a handle and integrated thermometer. This will allow all meat lovers to manage the cooking of their food. In addition, the appliance has a heat retention zone to facilitate cooking at low temperatures and keep all flavors

This state-of-the-art gas barbecue is just £89.99 LIDL and comes with a 3 year warranty. Surely this summer it will find its place in your garden or on your terrace. The device is available from Thursday March 31 in all stores, but with limited stock. Therefore, it will be necessary to act quickly!

However, if you are more traditional and prefer to grill over a wood fire, LIDL also offers a ball barbecue with a lid and ashtray for less than 30 euros. Spring summer is going to be hot!

Lidl: Cheap barbecue pizza oven for 49.99 euros

Gas grill

Cheap gas or charcoal barbecue pizza cooker: 49.99 euros in lidl. Although it is still difficult to imagine (especially for those who live in the northern half of the France), Summer is fast approaching! So, as it is good to dream of the delicious grilled meats that you can prepare with your super gas or charcoal barbecue as soon as the first rays of the sun appear, why don’t you consider surprising your guests with some slightly original preparations? ?

With the many kitchen utensils that you can see in the “Eridanous” catalog of the Lidl Weekyou can invent a large number of original and pleasant dishes.

If trays, pans and grill mats are particularly interesting for easily preparing many recipes, another article caught our attention!

The Grill Meister barbecue pizza oven allows you to prepare delicious Italian specialties. Thanks to the perforated bottom, the lid and the removable cordierite stone, you can cook your pizzas on the barbecue. In addition to preparing “Margheritas”, “Reinas”, “Neapolitans” and “Calzones”, for example, you can also bake cakes and baguettes with this appliance. A complete meal with the taste of wood fire (can also be used on a gas barbecue).

To allow as many pizza lovers to purchase this item, Lidl decided to sell it at a low price ! From Thursday May 13 2021the brand will put the Grill Master pizza oven on sale for just €49.99.

I like this lidl article It could well attract a lot of customers and that the offer is valid while supplies last, we recommend that you visit your favorite store as soon as it is launched if you want to buy it.

Lastly, feel free to browse the brand’s brochure to discover the other good deals it will be putting on the shelves at the same time. To access it, just click on our banner “I take advantage of this offer”.

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