LIVE – War in Ukraine: Zelensky will speak this Wednesday before the French Parliament

According to the mayor of the Ukrainian capital, “the Russian flag will never fly over kyiv”

Questioned by our colleagues from France Blue Occitanie, Vitaly Klitschkoformer ukrainian boxer and mayor of kyiv, stressed his confidence in the resistance of these fellow citizens, whom he says are ready to defend the capital to the end.

“Russian soldiers will never return to the city of kyiv and the Russian flag will never fly over our city. We would rather die than kneel,” he said.

Belarusian opposition calls for sanctions against Lukashenko

Pavel Latouchko, a Belarusian opposition figure, called on Wednesday for sanctions against Belarus as harsh as those directed at Russia and legal proceedings against its president Alexander Lukashenko, “accomplice” of Vladimir Putin in the invasion of Ukraine.

UN Secretary-General: ‘It is time to end this senseless war’

Speaking to the press on Tuesday, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called for an end to the war in Ukraine.

“For more than two weeks, Mariupol has been surrounded by the Russian army and bombarded relentlessly. (…) Even if Mariupol falls, Ukraine cannot be conquered city by city, street by street, house by house,” said specifically.

Zelensky speaks of “very difficult” negotiations with Russia

In a speech broadcast on social media on Tuesday, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said his country “will continue to work to push Russia towards peace.”

“We continue to work at different levels to pressure Russia for peace. Until this brutal war ends. Ukrainian representatives are working on the negotiations, which are held almost every day. It is very difficult. Sometimes embarrassing. But I pass step by step, we are advancing”.

Zelensky denounces the “inhuman conditions” in Mariupol and the blockade of humanitarian aid

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denounced this Tuesday in a speech broadcast on social networks the “inhumane conditions” in the city of Mariupol, which he describes as “under constant bombardment.”

“For more than a week, we have been trying to organize reliable humanitarian corridors for the residents of Mariupol. And unfortunately, almost all of our attempts are hampered by the Russian occupiers.”

According to the United States, Ukraine is trying to fight back against Russian soldiers.

Ukraine doesn’t just want to limit the damage. According to US intelligence services, the start of a counterattack has been observed.

“They are defending themselves with intelligence, agility, creativity in places that they thought were important to defend. And we see now, especially in the south near Kherson, that they have tried to take back territory,” said Gatekeeper, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby according to comments. aired on CNN.

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And welcome to this direct dedicated to the 28th day of the war in Ukraine.

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