MotoGP Marc Márquez injured: things heat up between Honda and Michelin

Since Marc Márquez is officially injured and convalescing, again affected by a diplopia from which we never know the time of healing, Honda has been investigating responsibilities. And statements made before the eight-time world champion’s status was mentioned now sound very different. So much so that at Michelin we decided to respond. And quite clear.

Four falls, including a terrible one on Sunday morning that caused this diplopia after a concussionhere is the terrible Indonesian record of a Mark Marquez now unable to fly again. We must take stock of the problems. And this point starts from this pneumatic assignment brought by michelin who took sling of his scheme and visibly Mark Marquez of its hinges. Because the eight-time World Champion never gives up.

In view of what is happening, the words of Pol Espargarohis teammate, spoke after the accident of Mark Marquez sounds very different. Then the Spaniard said: if Marc had been really injured, Michelin would have been entirely to blame. Marc was lucky not to get injured, but if he did, this would have been the result of a poor supplier decision ». Alberto Puigin his Mandalika review, he also made it clear that he would like to have a discussion with michelin about what happened in Indonesia.

It is not necessary to be a great scholar to imagine that little by little we are pointing out all the responsibility for the misfortune of Mark Marquez sure michelin. A trend that Piero Taramaso, manager of the Auvergne brand in the paddock wants to stop short. He says so on GPOne : « Je suis surpris, j’avais parlé à Puig car il n’était pas aux essais et je lui avais expliqué toute la situation, pourquoi on avait fait ce choix, j’avais essayé de lui donner tous les eléments qu’il n’avait probably not. All the technical staff of the teams and the vast majority of the drivers have understood and in fact no one else complained. I am surprised that only he did not understand the motivation for this change between practice and the Grand Prix. ».


Michelin: ” We have analyzed the crash data and I can rule out that it was due to the tires«

And he insists: we always put safety first, even when it comes to performance. The test tires would not have lasted the race distance as temperatures were so high and none of the compounds worked, all the drivers and teams noted. At the end of the tests, I spoke to all the technical directors and team bosses, explaining the situation to them and telling them that there would be a change for the GP. The only possible technical solution was this shell that we had already used in 2017 and 2018, we coupled it with the compounds used in the tests so as not to upset everything. These casings are capable of lowering the temperature of the tires between 15 and 20°, that was what was needed ».

AND Piero Taramaso complete with this essential sentence: We have analyzed the crash data and I can rule out that it was due to the tires “. Also, in Indonesia, sling was the only manufacturer that did not find a solution for the new slick tires michelin with a harder case. Not even the rain on Sunday helped the Japanese.


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