Soon GeForce RTX 30 at affordable prices? Yes but…

news hardware Soon GeForce RTX 30 at affordable prices? Yes but…

Nvidia’s RTX 30 graphics cards should continue to see their prices drop in the coming weeks and months: the manufacturer has announced a price drop for its various GPUs to its partners. A discount of 8 to 12% that should make the market breathe. Yes but…

On both the AMD and Nvidia side, Graphics card prices have been falling in recent weeks., and the situation could well last. This is in any case what we can deduce from the decision that Nvidia would have made regarding its commercial partners.

Soon accessible RTX 3080?

It is WCCFTech, a very well-informed medium in general, that indicates that Nvidia would have applied a reduction of 8 to 12% in the GPUs supplied to its AIB partners. Third-party graphics card manufacturers would now benefit from more favorable pricing that should come to on-sale SKUs in the coming months, that is, when inventory runs out with GPUs purchased at full price.

Soon GeForce RTX 30 at affordable prices?  Yes but…

If this information is good news that we take with pleasure in a rather gloomy context, however, it must be put into perspective. A drop in GPU prices is a good sign, but it needs to be weighed against the inventory issue.. If interest in powerful graphics cards is currently declining among cryptocurrency miners due to the Ethereum price drop, a reduction in the price of RTX 30 could make the investment profitable again and reignite the scarcity and thus , sky-high prices at resellers. Resellers who, even today, find it difficult to return to the retail prices recommended by Nvidia and its partners…

Soon GeForce RTX 30 at affordable prices?  Yes but…

Persistent production issues

If we add to this the Shenzhen containmentwhere the semiconductor factories are currently closed, and the war in Ukraine, one of the main supplier countries of purified neon, an essential gas for the production of the components in question, we note that various interruptions remain relevant in connection with a serene production of computer components.

Of course, the covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine are far more worrying world events than the graphics card shortage, but we can’t help but think that fate is hitting this industry. out of the water anyway. The future will tell if Nvidia’s initiative will have a favorable impact on the selling prices of graphics cards in the short term.

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