Technical control: “Make an appointment now!” advising professionals on the risk of jams

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With the postponement of many technical reviews after the closure of the centers during the 2020 confinement, professionals recommend motorists to anticipate their appointments to avoid traffic jams during May and June.

In the waiting room of Auto Contrôle TR, a subsidiary of the technical control giant Sécuritest, there is a bit of calm before the storm. Jocelyne is one of the clients present this morning, and she has come to make the second visit of the technical revision of her Opel Meriva: “as always, I did it at the last moment, suddenly I am a little late”. Tolosa confesses. However, this year, it would be better to do it in advance.

In fact, professionals ask users to be vigilant in order to avoid congestion in the coming months. In question, postponements of technical inspections after the closure of the centers during the 2020 shutdown. At that time, the government had granted 3 months tolerance to motorists: those who had to pass their control in May 2020 had been able to do so until July.

As a result, fewer than 600,000 technical checks were carried out in April 2020, compared to more than 3 million in June, Karine Bonnet, general manager of Dekra Automotive, details to our colleagues at Capital.

Make an appointment “at least a week before”

To avoid a new wave of traffic jams, those responsible for the centers ask customers to anticipate. “We should be able to handle the crowd if the appointments are made in April,” explains Aurélien Montarras, head of the control center.

But let’s not have any illusions: “we suspect that most people will not anticipate, when we know that in June many will consider the question of vacations and therefore make an appointment -vous”, explains Jérôme Rodríguez, manager of six control centers in the Toulouse agglomeration. “Therefore, we recommend making an appointment at least one week before the deadline.”

In another control center in Lardenne, west of Toulouse, Bruno Ulmer works on an imposing SUV. For the sole technical controller of this establishment, customers had better anticipate, at the risk of being quickly overwhelmed by appointments.

Relaunch campaigns, promotions, commercial gestures…

“We have launched follow-up campaigns by email or SMS to motivate motorists to request their appointment in advance. We advise them to start now, avoid telling them that we are full in a month”, explains the specialist.

“We also offer promotions of up to 60 euros compared to the usual 75 in checks for gasoline or diesel vehicles. That helps encourage people to come, especially at this time when it is quite calm, ”he advises. At Auto Contrôle TR, “we try to make commercial gestures to customers who arrive a little late to encourage them to come,” explains Aurélien Montarras.

In 2020, the post-COVID-19 it had made itself felt. After closures from mid-March to mid-May, “it had been very strong,” Bruno details. “In our center, we are between 300 and 400 controls per month on average, compared to 585 in June 2020”, specifies Jérôme Rodríguez.

There is also the question of new vehicles purchased in 2018. According to the regulations, they must have their first visit this year. But for Aurélien Montarras, “there is no real reason to be alarmed”: “Having been 2018 a classic year in terms of new vehicle sales, we should be at normal figures.”

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