the first Nothing smartphone is coming soon with a Nothing OS interface

Nothing has just announced this Wednesday, March 23, 2022, its first smartphone, soberly titled the phone (1). It will be available from this summer, without further details, and will run on Android with a new interface, Nothing OS.

phone (1): The first Nothing smartphone is coming soon with a Nothing OS interface
The only design element of the phone (1) when it was announced on March 23, 2022. // Source: Nothing

During an online event on March 23, 2022, Carl Pei, CEO and co-founder of Nothing, announced the arrival this summer of 2022 of the brand’s next big project, “the beating heart” of the brand itself: the telephone (1) . This is only the second device to feature the brand after some very good headphones, the ear (1) and especially its first big product, a smartphone.

Finally, when we say that they introduced it, it’s a bit rushed. Very mysterious, the CEO has so far only unveiled a design element of the phone, to say the least. cryptic.

phone (1): The first Nothing smartphone is coming soon with a Nothing OS interface
source: nothing

The conference will also have taught us that the phone (1) will be equipped with a Snapdragon SoC, without specifying for the moment the chosen model.

Voice Nothing OS

Before Nothing, Carl Pei had co-founded OnePlus, whose OxygenOS interface is very popular with fans of the brand. So it’s no surprise to learn that the phone (1) will also benefit from its own interface, soberly titled Nothing OS and based on Android.

The main promise of this OS is that the London firm is already talking about a “open ecosystem and
that will seamlessly connect and integrate Nothing devices and those of other
brands » The founder paused for a moment in the Apple ecosystem, which he considers the best option for consumers today, but whose closed nature he considers a problem for innovation. Therefore, Nothing OS wants to become “the most compelling alternative to Apple” by offering an ecosystem so powerful that it leaves the choice up to users. In this, we can never insist enough to say how much everything remains to be proven.

A consistent design and smooth experience

Here’s a first look:

Carl Pei also insisted at length on the open character

On the design side, Nothing’s goal is also to offer continuity between that of its products and its interface, while retaining strong design elements, in a “raw technology” (raw tech) form. For example, we can cite the pixel-shaped dot matrix that the brand advances a lot in its visual identity, and that should be found as a red thread.

Carl Pei is also committed to delivering a fast and smooth experience, a promise OxygenOS was already making at the time with some success. Of course, we can’t wait to judge the phone in person.

He also promised that there would be no bloatware or App Nothing, saying “Why duplicate what Google’s great apps already offer?”.

A rehearsal and community fundraiser

Those who want to try Nothing OS before its launch, will be able to take advantage of it starting next April. In fact, the brand advertises that a “the first preview will be available through your application launcher”.

For those already sold on the concept, the firm is also announcing a new $10 million community fundraiser (to be added to the $144 million already raised). Nothing writes: “Investors will have access to Nothing’s private community through which they will obtain exclusive benefits as well as information about the company. Pre-registration is now open » on the site of Nothing with an investment round launched on April 5.

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