The Girondins of Bordeaux shaken by the accusations of racism against Benoît Costil

Nothing is going well on the Girondins de Bordeaux side. Twentieth in Ligue 1, the club is now shaken by the accusations of racism made by its ultras, in particular against its goalkeeper Benoît Costil. The club supported its player, on Tuesday, March 22, in a press release.

L'”sacred unionHe invoked to save a drifting team, red lantern of L1 six points from 17, publicly destroyed on Sunday against Montpellier. The Girondins played the numerically superior half, eleven against nine, before falling on the scoreboard 2-0.

It started with an argument between two teammates, Benoît Costil and Bosnian defender Anel Ahmedhodzic, who were playing together for the first time. Attending this reprimand from the first to the second, which the Frenchman does not dominate, the Ultramarines’ south cornerback catches fire and shows his latent anger with the international goalkeeper, who has played 179 games with Bordeaux. Costil is then insulted every time the ball is taken.

At the break, Costil was challenged by an ultra leader, with a reputation for being influential in the club environment, taken over last summer by Gérard López. They explain themselves before Costil imitates a gesture that suggests that this supporter is in the pay of the management.

The Ultramarines react and evoke on Twitter”scandalous behavior, sometimes racistde Costil, associating the name of defender Laurent Koscielny, forced to retire in January and now the club’s international ambassador, without substantiating these accusations.

These people must leave the club as soon as possible.“Then summarizes the group of supporters who say they trust the testimonies of a former and a current club employee close to the professional group.

If neither of the two players reacted, the initial reaction of the club was not enough to satisfy them. “I spoke to our supporters at half-time. They were upset and I understand them.Gérard López tweeted after the debacle. At the end of the game, 200 fans blocked the exit from the stadium and demanded an explanation from the players. The exchange will be tense with some before calm returns after a quarter of an hour.

A belated reaction from the institution

If Costil’s future at the club seems compromised, this Monday he appeared for cleaning and is now considering filing a complaint, according to local media, which also mentioned a statement of support from his teammates.

The club’s Economic and Social Committee remembers its management”that it has a duty to protect all its employees, in particular when one of them is accused of a crime without proof to date or put in danger in his workplace“.

Requested by all sides, the management took 53 hours to react, through a press release sent on Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. to a media outlet, in two versions. In the first, she acknowledges “the existence of allegations regarding unacceptable conduct and racist comments that may have been made by club employees“.

To date, no document has been made known to the club to support these complaints, which, as a matter of principle, intends to exercise extreme caution.

Girondins Bordeaux Football Club


The text says that “To date, no document has been made known to the club to support these allegations, which, as a matter of principle, intends to exercise the greatest caution and must remember the need to respect the principle of presumption of innocence. ..) If such accusations were justified, the club would immediately draw all the corresponding consequences.“.

This first version combines “the players (who) also want to affirm that this does not correspond to the reality of what they experience in the locker room“, while the second version, sent shortly after, waters down this passage.

On Wednesday on his social networks, the Senegalese striker M’Baye Niang brought “a huge support to (his) friends Benoît Costil and Laurent Koscielny in these difficult times… Serious accusations and so contrary to the values ​​of these two men whom I have known for many years.“.

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