The “Top Chef” menu with Michelin star 2022

MICHELIN – 41 chefs have earned their first star this year at the Michelin Guide. And among them, some are not unknown to M6 viewers. Six former candidates for “The best chef” discovered in the culinary contest obtained this prestigious distinction on Tuesday, March 22: they are John ImbertFlorent Ladeyn, Guillaume Pape, Ludovic Turac, Victor Mercier and Mark Matthias.

If Matthias Marc had been eliminated at the gates of the final From the previous season of “Top Chef” broadcast in the spring of 2021, the 29-year-old chef from Doubs won his first star there for his “Substance” restaurant, opened in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. It serves an “uninhibited and lively” cuisine, describes Michelin, where it favors short circuits and fine products. He is also in charge of a second establishment, “Liquide”, where another former Top Chef officiates… jarvis scott.

Like Matthias Marc, a dozen candidates revealed during previous seasons of the culinary competition “Top Chef” now show one or even two macaroons. Our map below lists all of their featured restaurants:

In addition to Matthias Marc, the most recent of the “dropouts” of Top Chef, the list of “new stars” includes five other former candidates of the M6 ​​program.

Victor Mercier, young chef 2022

The emblematic winner of season 3 in 2012, Jean Imbert, thus obtained a star for the Plaza Athénée restaurant. He succeeded Alain Ducasse in these kitchens of the Parisian palace just a few months ago, as soon as the year 2022 began. While Florent Ladeyn, who was going through season 4, recovered his first star for Boeschepe’s “Auberge du Vert Mont”. (he already starred from 2014 to 2019). Ludovic Turac, who went through season 2, also finds his star at “La Table du Sud” in Marseille.

Victor Mercierpartner of Camille Delcroix or Justine Imbert in season 9 of “Top Chef”, won not only a star for his restaurant “FIEF” (for Fait Ici en France) in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, but also the award for young chef 2022 Finally Guillaume Pape, season 10 finalist against Samuel Albert, also gets a first star for his establishment “L’Embrun” in Brest where he serves local cuisine.

And the “Top Chef” juries are not far behind, as Philippe Etchebest received a star for his new restaurant “Maison Nouvelle” in Bordeaux. Hélène Darroze, for her part, can add a star to the menu of “Villa La Coste” in Provence: the Landes chef thus accumulates six stars for her various restaurants.

In addition to these 2022 newcomers, some twenty former candidates confirm their presence on this year’s list of Michelin stars, including Stéphanie Le Quellec (Season 2) and her two stars for “La Scène” in Paris, Tabata Mey (Season 3) at the “Apothecaries” in Lyon, Mory Sacko (season 11) in MoSuke in Paris or Kelly Rangama (season 8) in “Faham” in Paris.

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