“The war in Ukraine has sounded the awakening of Europe”

Grandstand. Russia’s war against Ukraine is the first conflict of a “third world war” that, not having been anticipated, has already begun. Again, by “third world war” we must understand the destructuring of the norms that defined the international order established after 1945 rather than the global spread of a local war. It is not simply a return: to high intensity warfare, to war between states, to war in Europe. It is also the beginning of a “new world disorder” precipitated by nations that want to abolish an “old order” perceived as a brake on their emergence that, despite everything, has made their development possible.

After two years of Covid-19, the Ukrainian conflict further seals the end of “happy globalization”: solidification of borders, expansion of inflation, disappearance of cheap energy. A fragmented world, where the only thing that still united us will have to separate us: the flows of money and information no longer pass between opposing nations and become mutually inconvertible. A deglobalized world where there is an information, energy and financial decoupling between ideologically different regions. A Pascalian world where the inability of (international) law to acquire real sanctioning power renders all its recommendations obsolete: “Justice without force is powerless. Force without justice is tyrannical. (…) In this way justice could not be given force, because force contradicted justice, and said that it was unjust, and said that it was justice that was just. » (Excerpt from thoughts by Pascal, 1670.)

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The truth under the Caucasus, the lie beyond. Now we know: the post-truth era is also the post-peace era. War is nothing more than the continuation of “fake news” by other means. There is no better way to deny what is true than to destroy what is. For Vladimir Putin, Ukraine as a nation does not exist, so it should be removed. For Xi Jinping, Taiwan as a state does not exist, so it will have to disappear. For these leaders, “civilizing” determinism must impose itself on the will of the peoples who refuse to be “saved” by their empire.

deliberate lie

That states that hide the truth of their history from their own citizens can serve as a springboard for the spread of “alternative facts” makes sense. But no one deliberately and systematically lies without believing their own lies. When you need a lie to excuse the inexcusable, you end up convincing yourself of the “truth” of it. One wonders how Putin and his entourage can bomb a people called a brother and friend, a country included in the “Russian-speaking matrix”: simply saying that they are not being bombed …

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