Western countries will add new sanctions against Russia

New Western sanctions in sight against Moscow. On Tuesday, Joe Biden and his European allies will apply additional sanctions against Russia this week and tighten existing measures, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Tuesday ahead of Joe Biden’s move in Brussels.

Joe Biden will leave Washington on Wednesday for Brussels, where he will participate in no less than three major international summits (of NATO, the G7 and one of the European Union), and then he will travel to Poland, a neighboring country. Ukraine, to show support for him.

Measures to reduce European dependence on Russian gas

Speaking to reporters, Jake Sullivan said the US president would “work with allies on long-term adjustments” regarding NATO’s presence in Eastern Europe, the national security adviser continued.

The West will also announce joint measures to strengthen Europe’s energy security and reduce its dependence on Russian gas, Jake Sullivan said.

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Joe Biden will have “the opportunity to coordinate the next phase of military assistance to Ukraine. He will join our partners in imposing additional sanctions against Russia and strengthening existing sanctions to ensure proper implementation. Shut up,” said Jake Sullivan.

a long war

In addition, the head of the White House will announce “additional US contributions” for humanitarian actions in Ukraine and for the reception of millions of Ukrainians who have fled the war, Jake Sullivan pointed out.

“This war is not going to end easily or quickly,” he warned.

He also said that the United States had “not seen China supply military equipment to Russia” since Joe Biden’s recent exchange with Chinese President Xi Jinping, while assuring that Washington “continued to monitor” such potential actions by Beijing.

The US president intends in Brussels to “closely coordinate our message” with the Europeans to China, which refuses to condemn the invasion of Ukraine and that the United States has threatened retaliation if it provides aid to Russia.

“We will speak with one voice on this issue” with the Europeans, said Jake Sullivan.

The latter was also questioned about a possible expulsion of Russia from the so-called “G20” format, which brings together the main world economic powers.

Without responding directly, however, he stated: “We believe that it is not possible to act as if nothing had happened for Russia in international institutions and in the international community.”

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