Who is Loïk Le Priol, the main suspect in the murder of rugby player Federico Martin Aramburu?

His escape lasted four days. Loïk Le Priol, identified as the main suspect in the Murder of former rugby player Federico Martin Aramburuhas been arrested in hungary, Wednesday March 23, France Télévisions learned of the Paris prosecutor’s office. This 27-year-old far-right activist was seeking to join Ukraine, according to information from franceinfo. Although a European arrest warrant had been issued against him, he was arrested during a border control by the Hungarian police.

The young man is suspected of having shot the former Biarritz player six times, on the night of Friday March 18 to Saturday March 19, after an altercation in a Parisian bar. Iformer Argentina international, hit by at least five balls, according to France Bleu, died on the spot. Franceinfo recalls the trip of his alleged murderer, a former member of the GUD, an ultraviolent right-wing group, which is already involved in several legal cases.

A former soldier discharged from the army

Loïk Le Priol was 16 years old when he joined the Moss School in Brest in 2010, which trains soldiers for the French Navy, he says. media part (paid article). After this one-year training, he spent five years in the army, assigned to the Montfort Marine Command, in Lorient, between 2011 and 2016.

He then participated in several external operations in Mali and Djibouti between 2013 and 2015, before being repatriated to France in July 2015, the site reports. street press. according to youn expert psychiatrist, this state of post-traumatic stress was “at the origin of anguish, reliving vivid scenes and nightmares”details Marianne (paid article)which would have led him to heavy alcohol consumption.

Still in 2015, Loik Le Priol is implicated for beating up a prostitute while in Djibouti, according to Marianne. He was finally expelled from the army in 2017 for disciplinary reasons, after beating a former leader of the GUD, a far-right movement.

A figure of the extreme right

The young man is a long time activist in the GUD (Union Defense Group), a movement with very violent methods. Slicked-back blond hair, a tattoo of a knife on his left forearm, he rose to prominence in 2016 with the launch of a clothing brand called “Babtou solid,” a reference to the nickname given to Europeans in Africa. “Since I was little I have heard that expression of ‘fragile babtous’ to talk about weak, effeminate people. We decided to do the opposite to value manly people.”then explained street pressthat I had met him.

These garments have been very successful in the far right movement. Youtubers and identity figures like Baptiste Marchais and Julien Rochedy had posed with their shirts. On Twitter, the latter, former president of the National Youth Front, designates Loïk Le Priol as “a fellow” that was close “around 2012-2014”. “Those who knew Loïk all thought that he had calmed down. He had always been crazy, he was followed by an army psychiatrist, but the last time I saw him in Paris he had a girlfriend, projects, he seemed at peace. We were happy’ that was better’…”writes Julien Rochedy on the social network.

As evidenced by the photos published by StreetPress, Loïk Le Priol also showed himself with figures from the “phacosphere”, such as Jean-Eudes Gannat, head of a small identity group in Angers, the Alvarium, which was dissolved in November 2021, or even Jean-Romée Charbonneau, candidate of the National Rally for the municipal elections in Niort (Deux-Sèvres) in 2020.

A great legal responsibility

The nationalist activist was already sentenced at age 19 for violence, then to 23 years to four months in prison suspended for intentional violence in a meeting and drunk driving, according to information from Marianne. At the time of the murder of Federico Martin Aramburu on Saturday morning, Loïk Le Priol was under judicial supervision and had, according to information from Break free, prohibition to go to Paris and contact the man suspected of being his accomplice, Romain Bouvier. The latter, also active in the extreme right and who would also have shot at ex-rugby, was arrested this Wednesday in Sarthe by the BRI.

Both are involved in a case of violence in meetings against a former leader of the GUD, Edward Klein. In October 2015, the two men, accompanied by Logan Djian, who had succeeded Edouard Klein at the head of the far-right movement, and two other accomplices, beat and humiliated him. This torture session, of which some images were revealed by media part, had been shot entirely by Loïk Le Priol. In the videos, the suspect insults Edouard Klein, forces him to strip and encourages the other attackers to beat him. As the victim lies naked on the ground and covered in blood, he pulls out a knife and holds it to her throat. “You know I killed more than one of the guys in there, did you know that?”He throws the ex-soldier at him as the young man begs him to stop.

“For a long time, he had been known as an individual of unbridled violence. (…) Priol was known to be particularly uncontrollable, even with his own comrades.”

Jean-Yves Camus, political scientist specializing in extreme right

to the AFP

After two dismissals, the five alleged aggressors must appear before the criminal court next June 1 for “aggravated violence” with ITT greater than 8 days, committed in a meeting, under threat of a weapon, with premeditation. Acts for which some (repeat offenders) incur up to ten years in prison.

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