Anne-Sophie Lapix in the worst case, her family betrays her!

The situation in Ukraine has been one of the topics of great debate for several weeks. Enough to make journalists want to go there for a better dose of information to present to viewers. Anne-Sophie Lapix he is also one of those who have tried it with a start on the spot. But in the meantime, this would seem to create tension with his colleagues! New revelations.

A new challenge for Anne-Sophie Lapix

Since her arrival in place of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Anne-Sophie Lapix has gone through a series of difficult moments. The young woman pointed quite a challenge in the presentation of the JT 13 of TF1. And if she didn’t win in advance, the latter knew how to carve out a niche for herself in the big family on the front page. Viewers were also delighted with her performance. And it is this endorsement that allowed the presenter to move forward.

And one more time, Anne-Sophie Lapix He shows it in his actions. Indeed, the presenter of TF1 has decided embark on an unpublished report from the Ukraine where the situation remains as dramatic as ever. The opportunity for her to prove herself but also to provide information in real time. A decision by the chain’s production that, however, did not please everyone!

Tensions on the cover?

Anne-Sophie Lapix in presentation
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this is not new, competition in the audiovisual world is usually tough. The presenters fight for the best themes to gain a foothold in the sector. One thing Anne-Sophie Lapix has perfectly understood ! The television presenter does not plan to miss her opportunity and has given her best to have her place in the adventure. Especially since she wasn’t the first one she approached for this trip.

In fact, the debate was opened between her and Thomas down. The latter had all these possibilities to win the trip. But in the end, it is Anne-Sophie Lapix herself who wins the report. What creates tensions within the Uno team. It must be said that Julia Vignali’s buddy is not not happy with this production decision. And if he has decided to remain silent on the subject, tensions remain palpable within the team.

Anne-Sophie Lapix under criticism?

Anne-Sophie Lapix travels to Ukraine
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This is not the first time that Anne-Sophie Lapix has been subjected to such tensions. Indeed, some time ago she had aroused criticism from her collaborators. Our colleagues at Le Parisien also reveal that Thomas Sotto is not you are not the only one who is disappointed with this situation. This is also the case for Laurent Delahousse that he would have been “thankful to be called”.

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Despite the criticism that abounds on the web and in the corridors of TF1, Anne-Sophie Lapix does not seem willing to give up her place. The latter has also shown once again that it is made for this type of adventure. Something to change the viewers of your presentations on the cover!

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