Eric Zemmour, his son Thibault at his side: “This is the first time I have decided to show myself”

Host Guillaume Pley transposed his program into QG in the context of the presidential elections, renaming it campaign headquarters. His first political guest is none other thaneric zemour, leader of the far-right Reconquista movement. The interview, broadcast on March 23, 2022, took place at the former polemicist’s premises under the sign of good humor. Because it is not about electric confrontations or debates, the goal of the show is clearly to present the human face of personality. It is thanks to this benevolent context that one of the sons of the former journalist agreed to intervene in this ephemeral set, Thibault. Married in 1982 to lawyer Mylene ChichportichEric Zemmour had three children with her. First Hugo (1997), then Thibault (1998) and finally Clarisse (2004). So he was the youngest who went to her father’s side in campaign headquarters. Thibault Zemmour speaks freely in front of the camera, clearly more comfortable in this duet exercise than his father, who is gradually opening up.

At Guillaume Pley’s microphone, Thibault Zemmour, 24, a law student nearing the end of his studies, revisited his father’s decision to join the campaign, his day-to-day life, which hasn’t changed much since he and his brother had never exhibited. themselves, and he explains why he decided to do this interview: “It’s the first time I’ve decided to show myself, just because it’s a slightly less conventional show. than what you can see on traditional television. I think it will be the only one. Because I’m not too interested in showing myself, revealing my life. I know how it works, I saw it with my father. I don’t want it to be the same for us.

A childhood almost like the others

Immersed in politics through their father, Eric Zemmour’s children have always approached all issues as a family. Sometimes with fights in adolescence, but what more normal at this age according to the essayist. Guillaume Pley then asks what kind of father was he, stern? “No, but with girls it’s not the same. I was always very modest in high school. I had a girlfriend all my high school days. He often came home after school, we had dinner together. It was never a problem, neither for my father nor for my mother. It was more me who was modest than him who forbade me things..”

It is not easy to be the son of Eric Zemmour, when you have a father figure as mediatic as controversial. Thibault Zemmour then recounts his high school experience: “Obviously when we call Thibault Zemmour, people react. I’m not the opposite physically, I think we’re a bit alike. But I never had a problem with that, I have always been very sociable. I may have been lucky too, people were chatting with me. The teachers were not the same. I had some problems with the teachers because, inevitably, they have a higher power than me.To which the politician adds: “They were often on the left. They made him a little paid for my positions.“But the young man brushes it off:”Plus I never really had big, big problems.

Presenting yourself in front of the cameras, a well thought out choice

With his children, Eric Zemmour can count on his critical and constructive opinion: “I say my opinion. But I’m young, it’s not my world, it’s not my life, but I think I know him a little. He cares about him and I think sometimes he listens. Yes, I am proud of him.“Obviously very comfortable, Thibault Zemmour does not intend to get involved in politics any more. He did it this time, in an exceptional setting, the presidential election and the support, but that’s it.”I’d feel guilty if I didn’t.”

The presence of her son surprises her desire to always protect her private life and that of her family. Since the beginning of the campaign, she has only spoken to many rare moments their offspring and makes no reference to his mother. officially appearing with her chief strategy officer Sarah Knafosoon to be 29 years old, declared last January at BFM : “I will tell you, there is no first lady in the institutions of the Fifth Republic. So people don’t have to know. But private life is my private life. I solve the problems that arise in my private life over time.“This interview airs as the big day approaches and the voting intentions have dropped for former journalist Figaro (9% depending on barometer OpinionWay-Kéa Partners newspaper) which had made a blazing start to its entry into the campaign at the end of 2021.

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