Hellblade 2: quality “breaking ceilings” for the Xbox exclusive

game news Hellblade 2: quality “breaking ceilings” for the Xbox exclusive

Hellblade 2 is one of those titles around which the teasing is very present. Ninja Theory seems especially proud of his baby and, in addition, a new statement arrives to praise the general quality of the title.

Big ambitions for Hellblade II

Since its announcement, Ninja Theory has been pleased to praise Hellblade IIobviously the most ambitious game in its history. between a reconstruction of the sets that promise us exceptionala particularly worked dive and a amazing technical quality Thanks to the power of Xbox Series and Unreal Engine 5, Senua’s new adventure has something to arouse curiosity.

Suffice it to say that it is not the recent words of Juan Fernández, designer of the title fights, that will calm the ardor of some: the developer said during an interview with Vandal that hell blade 2 It will “break the ceiling” on many levels.

We are raising the bar in terms of “doing more with less”. We are more numerous than for the first Hellblade, but the quality we want to bring compared to the team behind it and compared to similar games it will blow the roof offI think.

What I like about Hellblade 2 is that it has a unique approach. I think it will have a big impact like Hellblade 1, but for other reasons: Obviously, there are a lot of things that were new in the first title that will have less of an impact in this second installment… but there are a lot of other new elements that will have an impact.

fights of honor

The fight is after all the specialty of Juan Fernández, who therefore allowed himself some statements on this particular topic.

What I liked least about Hellblade 1 was the lack of variety of enemies. Ranged combat was stifled and there were some balance issues, like how the difficulty systems were set. The enemies had too much health, they had too much durability, and it got boring most of the time.

We had a wide variety of attacks and combos, but the enemies didn’t really encourage you to use one or the other. People found two or three moves they liked and repeated them constantly, there were very generous stops and times that could have been more intelligently balanced.

Visibly, hell blade 2 so it should fix these little bugs or at least that’s what the developer claims who is obviously bragging about her baby. We remind you that at the moment only one game sequence has been broadcast, which you can also find below. The title, for its part, does not yet have a release date but is planned exclusively on PC and Xbox Series.

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