Kelly Vedovelli fired by Cyril Hanouna? The star columnist throws everything! pica.

Kelly Vedovelli has been discreetly in TPMP for several days. The columnist is not cold with Cyril Hanouna and has wanted to make things clear on Instagram.

Kelly Vedovelli made her DJ debut on TPMP. However, the pretty blonde quickly captivated the public and managed to make a place for herself on the show. Since then, she is one of the columnists and gives her point of view on various current affairs. Always smiling, the young woman is a success and even she has become the little protégé of cyril hanouna.

Cyril Kelly Vedovelli

Kelly Vedovelli less present

If the rumors point to Kelly Vedovelli being in a relationship with Cyril Hanouna, the celebrity remains discreet about her private life. In addition, for some time now, she is less present on social networks and abandons her subscribers. Given the concern of her fans, she did not hesitate to speak out.

The 31-year-old, who had to change his clothes TPMP due to his attire, he is not in good shape. It shows on my face, I’ve been sick for two days, that’s why I haven’t given any news. I am disgusted. This is very complicatedhe said on Instagram.

Kelly Vedovelli fired from TPMP?

If Kelly Vedovelli has not contracted Covid-19, it seems that she is going through a bad time. In addition to being less present on social media, she is also absent from TPMP.

In fact, the columnist only comes twice a week, which surprises fans.

If she is less sought after in Touche pas in my position, Kelly Vedovelli faces a lot of rumours. Many netizens think that she has been removed from the show. cyril hanouna. A rumor that he quickly put to rest during a Questions, Answers.

You should know that this is normal. This year, I’m doing Monday and Tuesday, and there are no weird things. It’s obvious, you want it on both sides. This year, it is. Maybe next year will be different, she said. Words that should reassure fans of Touche Pas à Mon Poste.

TPMP: Kelly Vedovelli tackled by her mother on air. She has to stop! !!

Kelly Vedovelli was present on the Touche set, not at my booth. While in the middle of the program, the columnist shared a message received by her mother who was asking him something very specific. The young woman did not hesitate and she quickly responded to her mother’s request, as she revealed on Instagram.

In recent weeks, Kelly Vedovelli has been a bit more discreet on the set of Touche, not in my position. These absences began to worry viewers of the C8 broadcast. But to reassure them, the young woman took her account Instagram and posted a message to his followers. You can see it on my face, I have been sick for 2 days, that is why I have not received a response. I am disgusted. It’s very complicated. I assure you it was not covid, he said.

Columnist Kelly Vedovelli also took the opportunity to make a small clarification: know that this is normal. This year I am doing Mondays and Tuesdays, and there are no strange things. It is obvious, it is wanted by both parties. This year, it is. Maybe next year will be different. And this Tuesday, March 22, fans of the C8 show were thrilled to find out who played Bella in the rapper Maitre’s clip. Gyms.

Kelly Vedovelli immediately runs after receiving a text from her mother.

In today’s program, Cyril Hanouna welcomed Giulia, a participant in And if we met, broadcast by TF1. The latter, described as the fraud of the century, came out to defend himself on the show.

In fact, netizens have criticized her for using too many filters on her photos, even if it means she no longer looks like the woman she really is. but another person She was also accused of retouching her photos too much and abusing filters: Kelly Vedovelli. These accusations come directly from the columnist’s mother.

kelly vedovelli

Kelly Vedovelli also shared the message her mom sent her on her Instagram story. You have to stop the filters!, she wrote to him, accompanied by a retouched photo of her. little girl. And the young woman wasted no time as she recorded a short video during a commercial break, this time without filters. Mom, is she okay? she added her in the caption. And the least we can say is that Kelly Vedovelli doesn’t need artifice to be naturally beautiful.

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