Overseas 2022 – Emmanuel Macron: the president defends his balance, frankness

The current President of the Republic and candidate for his succession, Emmanuel Macron, is the guest of the political program Outre-mer 2022. The opportunity for the latter to resume the measures he has taken during his five-year term and on his project for the Overseas Territories for the next five years.

It is an Emmanuel Macron with two hats who participated in Alien 2022, the first presidential appointment abroad. President to defend his record and candidate to announce his proposals. Unemployment, precariousness, referendum, autonomy, history or even cost of living. So many topics that Emmanuel Macron addressed in front of young ultramarines and our journalists, Valérie Filain and Thierry Belmont.

I never promised impossible things (…), real emancipation is a horizon that we must set, the first point is equal opportunities, the second point, health, the State paid for the entire Guadalupe University Hospital, the third point is unemployment , we have reduced unemployment in the West Indies by 4 to 5 points. Unemployment has fallen twice as fast in Overseas Territories than in other territories“replied the candidate for president in front of our journalists.

He also raised the issue of compensation for victims of Chlordecone, in Guadeloupe and Martinique:


In response to questions from young people living abroad and in particular from David in Martinique, Emmanuel Macron expanded on the solutions he has provided and those he will provide, if re-elected, to fight against the high cost of living: “The issue of the cost of living is not an issue that I am discovering, we have tried to answer it (…), there is the fact that many products are imported. But there have been responses, food stamps and check distribution, but the problem remains, so the first point, we must produce more in our overseas territories.“.

We need to have more competition.He then explained the candidate to his succession, before adding in the form of mea culpa : “I wasn’t fast enough or strong enough, so we have to help new actors more.“However, for Emmanuel Macron, the best answer to the cost of living is work, especially through”youth employment schemes (whose) are a good strategy for purchasing power“.

The candidate for president has said, several times openly, on many issues, the issue of port charges for basic needs, the issue of land rights in response to the situation in Mayotte, but also on the institutional issue that concerns to certain overseas territories, returning in particular to the case of the Caledonian referendums: “I guess it was the President who had to have organized the three referendums. They remained in accordance with the agreements that had been signed. Some did not want to participate, I respect that.


The Head of State also mentioned his idea of ​​institutional adaptations: “who decides pays, who pays decides. The system that says, I don’t want to decide anymore, but it’s up to the government to pay, no. I am open to institutional adaptation to unlock when necessary. It has to satisfy the needs of the territory.


Finally, Emmanuel Macron, after a question from Sydney about the history of memory, was very clear: “we must continue this work of memory, promote our heroes and highlight models to promote it abroad, but also in France“, while adding, “I made this commitment for a new place of memory in Paris, the Tuileries Memorial, it is a matter of recognition. History must be looked at head-on, not erased or rewritten. I am against statues being unscrewed, I hate these things. We must manage to erect others.


At the end of the program, Emmanuel Macron concluded: “I will fight until the last second to convince.


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