This French song star just passed away

Eddy Mitchell fought to keep his pain away. One of his greatest collaborators passed away on Tuesday, March 22 at the age of 85. This is the great musician Pierre Papadiamandis. The latter had signed no less than 200 songs for the Singer ! We know his melodies in particular thanks to “Mint Color with Water”, “The Last Session”, “El Cemetery of the Elephants”.

Therefore, it is another friend that Eddy Mitchell sees leave. Before that, the rocker had to say goodbye to the great Johnny Hallyday, in December 2017. After his funeral, he talked a lot about the tributes he paid to the owner. Because Eddy Mitchell doesn’t approve of them at all.

“He allowed himself to be betrayed”, Eddy Mitchell explained to our colleagues at TeleStar. “He gave a lot, without distinction. He often joked. He wanted to stay in the game, have forever someone younger by his side.”, in fact indicated. According to him, the innkeeper too easily trusted people who weren’t always worth it.

Eddy Mitchell: He refuses to pay tribute to his friend… for good reason!

Eddy Mitchell, therefore, has shown no satisfaction in seeing tributes multiplying like hotcakes. “I have nothing to do with all these things that are done Now« , actually trusted. “I repeat this phrase that is not mine, but the president of the fan club of Johnny: ‘we killed him a second time.’ That sums it up”.

When the statue was erected in honor of Johnny and opened on September 14 Last in Paris, Eddy Mitchell still regretted these kinds of commemorations. “It’s a disaster. but it pleases gentleman‘our Paris drama’, so that’s good,” if indeed he had revealed in the columns of the Parisian. “This statue does not evoke anything, it is not Johnny. I’m not in the head of it, but I don’t think the fans are excited about it. Anyway, I don’t like commemorating places or statues, pigeons shit on them. »

As for the calmly organized big concert at the Accor Arena, it just drove him crazy. “I saw it on television and I zapped myself. do not have He participated because I had nothing to do with it. I don’t do the Restos du Cœur, so I’m not going to Bercy for that…”, he had still made it known.

Composer of Michel Delpech, Celine Dion or Ray Charles.

As a reminder, when Johnny died, Eddy Mitchell attended the funeral that took place at Madeleine’s in Paris. On the other hand, he hadn’t made the trip for the ceremony in Saint-Barth. And he entrusted it to journalists by Nord Eclair: i hate saint bartholomew so there is no doubt that I am going there. Johnny’s a rocker, he’s not in St. Barth, and a grave is a grave anyway. I don’t need to meditate in a tomb.”

Above all, Eddy Mitchell would not have digested the maneuver designed to disinherit Laura Smet and David Hallyday. He explained it bluntly to Léa Salamé on the program amazing about France 2. The journalist asked him what he would like to leave his loved ones.

The 76-year-old singer’s response was very direct: “Enough money for my family. » The journalist read between the lines the reproaches about the Hallyday affair: “reminds you of Johnny and the Inheritance Wars” She answered. eddy mitchell then explained: “Oh la la no, far from it! It’s not my thing to disinherit children. But well, that depends on him (…) I would like my survivors to live well on my earnings. »

Eddy Mitchell: ” Pierre is my brother. »

Eddy Mitchell thought he had formulated a clear answer to the widow. You should also know that he is none other than Laura Smet’s godfather. on the microphone RTLThis Wednesday, October 7, he finished off the point: “ johnny He has always been very present in my life and I think I was also in his because we never get angry, or because of nonsense, but not because of real annoyances ».

« He has always behaved very well, be it with me, with my family, etc., just as I have behaved well in his “, He launched. For many observers, Eddy Mitchell means with these words that Laetica Hallyday does not count for him. And that Conversely to her, she would never have dared allow herself to disinherit her children. Eddy Mitchell has since severed all ties with Laeticia Hallyday. This is not the case of the widow of his colleague Pierre Papadiamandis.

« Pierre is my brother. His wife, Anouk, is the godmother of my oldest daughter, Maryline. ORn has always helped each other through difficult times, like my divorce. We never had a fight.”trusted the columns of the Parisian in December 2021. « I never considered an album without him. We always want and need to work. It drives us, we don’t see time pass. Without Pierre, I would never have had this race.”, so had added. Pierre Papadiamandis had also composed for Michel Delpech, Dick Rivers, Françoise Hardy, Celine Dion, Grace Jones or even Ray Charles. It is a great name in music that is disappearing.

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