War in Ukraine live: West plans to supply anti-ship missiles to kyiv

The essential

  • As US President Joe Biden arrives in Brussels on Wednesday night for a diplomatic marathon, the US will announce new sanctions against Russian oligarchs and politicians.
  • EU members are set to meet on Thursday to agree joint gas purchases, modeled after their orders for Covid vaccines, to reduce their reliance on Russian hydrocarbons, but remain divided on a price ceiling.
  • Under pressure from Ukraine, the French carmaker Renault announced on Wednesday night that it would suspend activities from its factory in Moscow.
  • More of 3.6 million people fled Ukraine and the fighting provoked by the invading Russian army.


“Dangerous Climb”

Moscow accuses Warsaw of a “dangerous escalation in the region” after the expulsion on Wednesday of 45 diplomats, accused of being Russian spies.


“We protect our common values”

“Please, never again tell us that our military does not meet NATO standards. We have shown what we are capable of. And how much we can contribute to common security in Europe and in the world”, explains President Volodymyr Zelensky in a video. “We have the feeling of being in a gray area, between the West and Russia. But we protect our common values ​​with you. (…) And we have been defending all these values ​​for a month! “, He continues, in a video on Telegram for the attention of NATO heads of state.


Ukrainians tell their daily life.

Olena, Viktoria, Guillaume and Jeremy live and work in the Ukraine. They agreed to tell us about their daily life, which turned into war a month ago. It should be read in our article.


Westerners plan to help Ukraine more militarily

The United States “has begun consultations (with its allies) to provide anti-ship missiles to Ukraine,” a senior US official announced. This same source reports that, during the NATO summit, “many” leaders felt that “China (should) shoulder its responsibilities in the international community.”


You Tube accused of censorship in Russia

The American video service YouTube is accused of “censorship”. Calls for punitive measures against him are mounting in Russia, which has already blocked several foreign media outlets in recent weeks. The platform has reportedly blocked the feed of several Russian media outlets.

Roskomnadzor, the Russian telecommunications police, already accused Google and YouTube of “terrorist” activities last week, the first step towards a possible blocking of the site as Twitter, Instagram and various media have been in recent weeks.


Some 5.6 billion euros of Russian assets frozen in Switzerland

For the first time, Switzerland has revealed the sum of Russian assets frozen in the country. This sum is likely to increase according to the authorities with the new sanctions imposed on Russia by the EU.


Without Ukraine, Russia’s neighbors are in “danger”, says Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in a speech to the Swedish parliament, said that “if Ukraine does not resist and defend itself, it will mean that all Russia’s neighbors will be in danger from now on.” “Russia went to war with Ukraine because they want to go further in Europe, they want to destroy freedom in Europe,” he added.


Partial resumption of the Moscow Stock Exchange after a month of closure

During this partial resumption of trading, only about thirty shares were available. At the open, the Moex index, denominated in rubles, gained 9.07%, while the RTS index, denominated in dollars, lost 5.28%.

On February 24, the day Russian troops entered Ukraine, the stock market plunged more than 30% and nearly $190 billion evaporated in one day.


For Warsaw, Russia is no longer “authoritarian” but “totalitarian”

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Mazowiecki said in Warsaw that Russia had become “a totalitarian state” and called for tougher sanctions against Moscow after the invasion of Ukraine.

According to him, Western sanctions “are unprecedented, they go far, but they are insufficient.”


Zelensky addresses NATO

The Ukrainian president asks NATO for “unrestricted military aid”, while the Organization’s countries meet at a summit in Brussels. He also accuses Russia of using “phosphorus bombs” in Ukraine.


NATO council in progress

The meeting of the NATO Council, which is being held this Thursday in Brussels, began at mid-morning.


germany fits

Germany announces that it plans to “suspend” the closure of certain coal-fired power plants, given the reduction in gas supply through Russia. In addition, to face the increase in gasoline prices, the government announces a sharp reduction in the price of public transport.


Beijing rejects NATO accusations

Beijing refutes the accusation of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who on Wednesday denounced “the political support given to Russia by China, including through the spread of shameless lies and disinformation.” “Accusing China of disinforming about Ukraine is itself disinformation,” Wang Wenbin, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, told a news conference.


Fall in activity in the euro zone

The growth of economic activity in the euro zone slowed down in March in the private sector, suffering the impact of the war in Ukraine, reveals the firm S&P. “The latest data from the survey highlights the concrete and immediate consequences of the war in Ukraine on the economic situation in the euro zone and underlines the risks of contraction that weigh on the economy of the region in the second quarter”, comments the economist of the chief of staff.


Thanks from the Mayor of kyiv

In a message on Telegram and Twitter, the mayor of kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, thanks France and the Council of Paris for granting honorary citizenship to the Ukrainian capital. Paris has “once again demonstrated its friendship and support” for a state “that is fighting for its independence and freedom.”


Johnson wants to increase the pressure

Interviewed on LBC radio, Boris Johnson called for more pressure on Russia. “We must do more economically,” the British prime minister said. “Can we do more to prevent you from using your gold reserves, in addition to your foreign exchange reserves? “, he asks, and continues:“ my message today to NATO is that there is a way for the world to continue to intensify the pressure on Putin ”.


London imposes new sanctions

The United Kingdom announces that it will take a new series of sanctions against 59 Russian companies and personalities.


kyiv claims to have destroyed a Russian troop transport in the Azov Sea

The Ukrainian navy claims to have destroyed a Russian troop transport ship anchored in the port of Berdyansk, a town near Mariupol in the Sea of ​​Azov.

According to the Tass agency, which quoted the Zvezda television channel of the Russian Defense Ministry, this troop and material transport ship belonging to the Black Sea Fleet was the first Russian warship to arrive in Berdyansk, on March 21. The information was immediately unverifiable. The Russian army rarely gives information about its losses.


More than half of displaced Ukrainian children

“A month of war in Ukraine has displaced 4.3 million children, more than half of the country’s estimated child population of 7.5 million,” the United Nations Children’s Fund said in a press release. .

In all, some ten million people, or around a quarter of the population, have been forced from their homes.


Phosphorus bombs?

After the latest bombing of Lugansk, the authorities fear a “much higher” number of victims, accusing the Russians of using phosphorus bombs. Other officials in this region have accused the Russians of using such bombs in recent days, accusations that cannot be immediately verified.


Help Ukrainians with one hand, kill them with the other: Dmytro Kuleba’s warning

“If an EU country complies with Putin’s humiliating demands to pay for oil and gas in rubles, it will be like helping Ukraine with one hand and helping the Russians kill Ukrainians with the other. I urge the countries concerned to make a wise and responsible choice,” the Foreign Minister wrote on Twitter. Yesterday Russia, the Russian president announced that Russia it would no longer accept payments in dollars or euros for gas deliveries to the EU.


At least 4 dead and 6 wounded in shelling near Lugansk

At least four people were killed, including two children, and six others were injured in Russian attacks in the town of Roubijné, near Lugansk, in eastern Ukraine, the region’s governor, Serguiï Gaïdaï, announced.


“We have to do without Russian gas”, insists Yannick Jadot

The environmentalist candidate lists four solutions to be able to dispense with Russian gas, including having a single European buyer, or even the installation of photovoltaic panels.


“Total wants to silence me? » Yannick Jadot Stranglers

“There have always been threats from lobbies. Environmentalists will not back down,” said the presidential candidate, who reiterated his criticism of Total. “I persevere and sign,” he reaffirms. Yesterday, the energy group filed a complaint against Yannick Jadotwhich denounces the maintenance of the energy giant in Russia and accuses it of “complicity” with Vladimir Putin.


Putin made a ‘big mistake,’ says Stoltenberg

The Secretary General of NATO denounces “a big mistake” by the Russian president, before the opening of an extraordinary summit of the Alliance.

“(Ukrainian) President Zelensky will address the Alliance leaders and consider their support in helping Ukraine exercise its right to self-defense,” Stoltenberg said. NATO will also discuss the need to “reestablish its defenses on its eastern flank,” he added.

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