Algeria: the Fennec take an option, the summary of the World Cup play-off match

CAMEROON – ALGERIA FOOT. The Fennec have a great chance of qualifying for the next World Cup thanks to a goal from Islam Slimani.

20:05 – An expensive goal

The only goal in this Cameroon-Algeria game scored by Islam Slimani counts enormously. In fact, unlike the reform of European football, African football still takes into account the away goal rule, which counts twice. Therefore, the Fennecs took a great option before the second leg on Tuesday.

20:01 – Algeria wins

Great success for the Djamel Belmadi players! The Fennecs won this Cameroon-Algeria thanks to a goal from Islam Slimani. They make a big move ahead of the second leg next Tuesday for a place in the next World Cup.

19:58 – Free kick totally missed by Fai

Oh, this free kick could have been dangerous in this Cameroon-Algeria, but the Indomitable Lions team completely misses the chance.

19:57 – Yellow card for Bendebka

Following a poorly controlled tackle by Bendebka on Kevin Soni, the Algerian midfielder was shown a yellow card and conceded a dangerous free kick.

19:55 – Excellent entrance by Bensebaini

Bensebaini’s sacrifice! On a long shot by Oum Gouet, the former Rennais player lunges for a tackle and against the ball from the Cameroonian midfielder and gets up to let his joy explode with a furious gesture.

19:52 – Cameroonian Race

Although there are eleven minutes left in this Cameroon-Algeria game, the Indomitable Lions lack precision and seem to be rushing to bring danger to Raïs Mbolhi’s cages.

19:50 – 11 more minutes

There will be 11 minutes of extra time in Douala in this Cameroon – Algeria. After the game was interrupted at the start of the second period due to a problem with the floodlights, the additional time was substantial.

19:49 – What a comeback from Mandi

Once again the Algerian defender is heroic in this Cameroon-Algeria match. After an elegant sequence of Tawamba, Mandi launches to prevent the attacker from tying.

19:46 – Cramps for Bedrane

Bedrane suffers physically. The Algerian defender falls down and he is helped by his teammates since he is cramped. The healers intervene and he will have to give up his place. Tahrat replaces him.

19:45 – Changes on both sides

Rigobert Song and Djamel Belmadi make changes. Girondins de Bordeaux midfielder Jean Onana gives way to Gael Ondoua, while Bennacer leaves and is replaced by Guedioura.

19:43 – Mbolhi again!

Another stop by Mbolhi after a beautiful goal by Karl Toko-Ekambi that became unsustainable in this Cameroon-Algeria final. The man from Lyon took advantage of the opportunity from 20 meters after a good pass through the center of the field. His stroke is too axial.

19:41 – What a decisive entry from Mandi

Alas, this intervention by Mandi was necessary to prevent Toko-Ekambi from drawing in this Cameroon-Algeria match. The Lyon winger had gotten the better of it and was about to shoot but the Fennecs defender made a superb tackle.

19:38 – The big opportunity for Cameroon

This Cameroon – Algeria is a race! After the dangerous corner from the Algerians, the Indomitable Lions are also dangerous in the same phase of the game. Fortunately for the Fennecs, Mbolhi is the boss of his penalty area and repels the danger.

19:37 – Mandi very close to scoring

What an opportunity for the former Reims defender. In a corner, Bennacer subtly deflects the ball towards Mandi who takes over with a touch a few meters from André Onana’s cages but fails to frame.

19:36 – Rami Bensebaini is also warned

Just minutes after Slimani’s yellow card, former Rennais Rami Bensebaini was also cautioned by the Botswana match referee after gaining time.

19:34 – Slimani relents

The Algerian hero of this Cameroon – Algeria leaves and is replaced by Belfodil. Sofiane Feghouli also comes into play and replaces Fennecs captain Riyad Mahrez. Bendebka also came into play in place of Zerrouki.

19:33 – Algerians suffer

With fifteen minutes remaining in regulation time for this Cameroon v Algeria, the Fennecs are hurting and torn. The last few minutes are likely to be long for the Algerians.

19:31 – The beautiful Cameroonian combination.

The Indomitable Lions are finally impressive in this second period of this Cameroon – Algeria. Tolo achieves a superb advance with the help of Tawamba who with a subtle backheel launches himself at the Cameroonian winger who achieves a center that is too central. Mbolhi seizes the ball and reassures his defense.

19:28 – The Cameroonians lack precision

While trying to get back on the scoreboard in this Cameroon-Algeria, Rigobert Song’s men are lacking in precision to bring danger to the cages of Raïs Mbolhi, who is having a fairly quiet second half at the moment.

19:27 – Slimani receives a yellow card

The Algerian striker collects a yellow card after a humorous gesture. Joshua Bondo did not appreciate Islam Slimani’s cries.

19:23 – Yellow card for Soni

He entered the break and honored his first international match. Kevin Soni also receives his first yellow card for this Cameroon-Algeria match. The Indomitable Lions striker committed a free kick to annihilate one against Algeria.

19:20 – Tawamba crushes his shot too much

The rookie Tawamba makes a good sequence in the Algerian penalty area but squashes his shot too much allowing Raïs Mbolhi to capture the ball without any problem.

19:19 – It’s time to play

We arrive at the hour mark at the Japoma Stadium in this Cameroon – Algeria. The Fennec lead the scoring thanks to a goal from Islam Slimani just before returning to the locker room. Since the start of this second period, the Indomitable Lions have been pushing and pushing to get up to speed.

19:17 – Interesting free kick for Cameroon

The Indomitable Lions get an off-center free kick from the right side after a good penetration by Tolo. It is still Toko-Ekambi who is in charge, but his cross is rejected by Mbolhi who plays a great game.

19:14 – Bedrane remains on the ground

Just after a long stoppage in play, Algerian defender Bedrane remains on the ground after contact with a Cameroonian player. He gets up with difficulty and the game will resume again. Definitely, this beginning of the second act of Cameroon – Algeria is struggling to start.


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