Formula 1 | Sainz has ‘interesting theories’ that explain his delay compared to Leclerc

Although he was able to salvage appearances in Q3 in Bahrain, Carlos Sainz also admitted to experiencing the most difficult weekend of his career with Ferrari at Sakhir. In particular, he points to his pure performance deficit and his difficulty getting comfortable in the car, compared to his team-mate Charles Leclerc.

Carlos Sainz knows that his settings are wrong, but why? The Spaniard says that he already has his own theories on the subject in Jeddah, ahead of free practice this weekend…

“In Bahrain I was in the fight for pole position in qualifying and that was good news for me given the lack of feeling I have with this car and the lack of understanding I have. »

“It was good news to be able to continue to put in two very strong laps in qualifying, which almost gave me pole position. But the fact is that I still have to work on the set-up, I have to work on understanding the car. »

“I did my analysis over those three days with my guys and we had some very interesting theories and some very interesting things to test here. I don’t think it’s a one-race thing. Kind of like last year, right? Little by little, we have to advance and arrive. »

“But we also need more races. I don’t know if Bahrain was a bit of an exception, I don’t know if suddenly here in Saudi Arabia I will be back where I should be or where I hope to be. So let’s see. It’s still a bit early. »

To keep his secrets warm on his side of the garage, Carlos Sainz doesn’t want to go into the details of his theories… So it’s impossible to know what precisely is wrong with his setup at the moment.

“It’s too specific and too technical to explain to the press. »

“There are things, like the feeling with the car, knowing exactly what to do in each type of corner to get the most out of it and then you have to put the car a little more to my liking, so that I am more comfortable with it. as I did in the second half of 2021. I want to try to do it as soon as possible. »

“I insist, it is very technical. There are things I still don’t understand. It’s not worth going into details, it’s just worth trying, experiencing, and that’s what I’m going to do. »

“And if with the car from Bahrain I managed to be second, if I have the car to my liking, I am convinced that good times are ahead of me. »

Carlos Sainz’s difficulties could disappear, or worsen, who knows, this weekend on a very different circuit, in Jeddah. Does the Ferrari driver expect better, or even much better, on the shores of the Red Sea?

“The more time I spend in the car, the quicker I’ll get it and the more likely I’ll adjust the car a bit more to my liking. »

“It will be an important test because it is a circuit in which you have to have a lot of confidence. And last year I was, so it will be an interesting comparison. You have to be confident to be fast and close to the walls here and Jeddah will show me and tell me how confident I am. »

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