Gaëlle Pietri: This unexpected shot of her son Orso, who continues his childhood life without his father

More than two months after Gaspard Ulliel’s death, Gaëlle Pietri shared an adorable photo of her son Orso on Thursday, March 24, 2022. The little boy was enjoying a simple moment of happiness.

Since the death of Gaspard Ulliel after a terrible ski accidenton January 17, 2022, gaelle pietri remained relatively calm. Whoever shared the life of the French actor must today continue to be strong for his little one, Orso, six years old.

And if she speaks little, the model continues to share regularly. photos of his son on Instagram, being careful not to reveal his face. In early March, for example, she had posted a photo from Orso to the beach with the subtitle “Endless Love“.This Thursday, March 24, The boy appeared again in his story in an adorable snapshot. Surrounded by many other children, he was dressed in a batman costume composed of the black suit and mask of the superhero. Gaëlle Pietri soberly wrote “my hero“with a red heart, all accompanied by the batman music. A simple moment of happiness shared between a mother and her son.

Gaëlle Pietri wishes to make Orso aware of climate problems.

Gaspard Ulliel led a daily fight for the protection of the environment and in particular the underwater biodiversity together with the Tara association. After his death, Gaëlle Pietri had insisted on broadcast your fight on Instagram, through a publication in honor of his memory.

And the son of the model and actor just the end of the world now he can count on his mother to teach him this beautiful fight. On Monday, March 14, Gaëlle Pietri, for example, had shared a photo of Orso, in the process of read a comic titled “Global warming: Tara mission in the ArcticShe had thus shown her desire to instill in her son the important values in the eyes of his late father. The succession is assured.

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