Helena Noguerra in love: she would be in a relationship with this French sports legend

In its edition of March 25, 2022, Here reveals that the actress Helena Noguerra would have remade her life. She would have fallen in love with a famous athlete with an impressive career.

The French know her for her multiple talents as an actress, singer and also as a presenter.. Helena Noguerra is currently playing Season 2 of the TF1 series, replacing The one who tried to retake the BAC at 40 She has been married for a long time to the singer Philippe Katerine. But in 2008, the couple broke up. If the actor finds love in the arms of Julie Depardieu, Helena Noguerra will fall in love with the filmmaker Fabrice du Welz. But this time again, in January 2019, the actress will separate from her partner, after four years of love.

But apparently, based on information revealed by our colleagues at here it is, Helena Nowar I would have found love for six months. In her issue released this Friday, March 25, we learn that the actress would have rebuilt her life with an athlete well known to the French. Indeed, according to here it is, the singer’s new companion would be Fabien Galthié, the current coach of the XV of France. The former rugby player is a true legend of the oval ball, as a player but also as a coach since he took the French team to victory, Saturday March 19, against the English in the final of the VI tournament of nations.

Helena Noguerra: “That was what happened to Philippe Katerine, because he was a fantastic spirit. Painful, but brilliant”

A nice way to wipe the slate clean and forget the moments that may have been complicated with your ex-partners, like Philippe Katerine: “I think that love is a projection that you make on a stranger… It can happen that the other surprises you, even exceeds your projection, and you can last ten years. That happened with Philippe Katerine, because he was a fantastic painful spirit, but brilliant “had explained Leo’s sister to the magazine Her.

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