in Warsaw, the Poles are already considered to be in the front line

At the gates of Russia, and particularly of the small enclave of Kaliningrad, and Ukraine, the Poland I sat down european union outposts and NATO.

It is shown by the influx of two million refugees that Warsaw has been trying to absorb for several weeks. From the beginning of the Russian invasionthe country has gained more and more political and military weight: hence the visit of the United States President Joe Biden Friday, March 25. And all officials take the Russian threat very seriously.

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Poland thus considers itself in the front line because it believes that it is the next target, explains Michal Potocki, a journalist for the magazine. Dziennik Gazeta Shrimp. Security, according to him, is the number one problem and challenge, and this visit by Joe Biden to Poland underlines that this is, in fact, the priority. The Polish counterpart of him, andrzej doubtsupport for Donald Trump, one of the last leaders in Europe to congratulate Biden after his victory, has since made the clear choice of improving his relationship with Washington and vetoing certain highly controversial reform projects.

“Knowing the growing threat of invasion in Ukraine, he realized he couldn’t afford another controversial move from an American perspective.”

Michael Potocki

in franceinfo

Especially since the Polish president expects an ever stronger American and European military commitment. Therefore, it was easier to shelve these bills that also poisoned the relationship with Brussels, believes Daniel Szeligowski, a researcher at the Polish Institute of International Affairs.

“It’s going both ways right now, Souligne Daniel Szeligowski. From the point of view of Brussels, the new priority is Ukraine and the security situation. So I think on both sides today, in Brussels and Warsaw, there is the political will to calm things down and put the conflicts aside.”

Because to imagine for a second that Ukraine falls, this Polish researcher predicts, would be a situation in which Poland would have to follow a path like the one Israel once took because there would be no other option: we would be forced to militarize. “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was necessary for the Polish position to become clear in the eyes of its partners,” laments Bartosz Rydlinski, a professor at the Warsaw Institute of Political Studies.

“Of course, Bartosz Rydlinski concludes, Russia for years has used its soft power and their useful idiots in Western Europe to blame Poland and the Baltic States for Russophobia. What they call Russophobia, we call geopolitical realism. It is important for the future that our position becomes a majority within the European Union and NATO.” Therefore, it seems to be the time for a strategic rapprochement, as a kind of regional unity, something almost unprecedented since Poland’s integration into the European Union.

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