“My daughter came home from school crying several times”

Michaël Youn on bullying: “My daughter came home from school crying several times” (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images)

In the TV movie “Two Drops of Water”, this Friday, March 25, 2022 on France 2, Michaël Youn plays a police officer in charge of a murder investigation. For several years now, the former PAF troublemaker has oscillated between his usual humor and more serious roles. In the past, he has notably worked on the issue of bullying. A subject that affects you especially.

When we think of Michaël Youn, we usually think of “tomorrow live“, to the howls in a megaphone, to the Bratisla Boys or Fatal Bazooka. It goes without saying that the actor and comedian often played the humor card to stand out, and that worked. But it would be false to say that this is his only card to play. On the contrary, for several years, the actor has taken a dramatic turn that gives new breath to his career. And this since the movie “The Journey”, in 2012, in which he played a father desperate for the disappearance of his daughter. Since then, either in “Les bracelets rouges” or in “The Day I Burned My Heart”, is a success in more serious roleswho are close to your heart as a parent.

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Michaël Youn before the helplessness of his daughter

Since June 7, 2011, the actor and his partner Isabelle Funaro they are the happy parents of a girl named Seven. And schooling for the little girl has not always been easy. In an interview with Gala in 2018, the former PAF troublemaker said: “I am a father. Although she is not strictly a victim of bullyingmy daughter (…) has already come home from school crying several times, because she is a little different, because she is a little slower than the others.

Proud of his daughter, he evokes the cruelty that the school system can have with certain children, and in particular with those who are not more studious: “There are areas in which she excels, everything that is creative. And then, there are subjects that it takes a lot of focus, and that’s less than his domain. I know school can be a pretty cruel microcosm.” A simple observation without judgment for this “cool father” who knows very well that studies are not everything in life, and who has a vision of education that is not based on reprimands: “I compensate because many times I am absent with all my offspring. When I get home I don’t submit them to my authority, in short I don’t believe in discipline or shouting, I raise my voice very little, I try to explain to them, to listen, to empower them as my father did with I also believe that everything can be fun in a family, even limitations.

A project against bullying

Therefore, it is quite natural that in 2018, Michaël Youn participated in the project “The day my heart burned”, often described as the “13 reasons whyFrench. “I am the son of a psychologist and a pedagogue, embodying a CPE that inspired me. Through this role, I tried to reproduce what my father would have done in an identical situation. I have a deep desire for justice for my origin and the education I received”, he had confided to TF1. “Like all parents, I fear bullying and it worries me. I remain convinced that the best defenses are to listen and talk.”

On the air of RMC, he had mentioned in particular these bullying figures that had surprised him: “I was not at all aware of the magnitude of the phenomenon of bullying. In the world, it is one student out of three. In France, there are 250,000 students , one of the leading causes of suicide among young people.” No wonder he felt so concerned.


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