PlayStation: Spartacus, Sony’s Xbox Game Pass, coming soon?

business news PlayStation: Spartacus, Sony’s Xbox Game Pass, coming soon?

Sony’s answer to Xbox Game Pass could be revealed next week! It is Bloomberg who indicates such information. The service, called Spartacus, would be a fusion of PS+ and PS Now with different subscription models.


  • An announcement next week?
  • Sony at a disadvantage?

An announcement next week?

The subject of rumors for many weeks, Spartacus has yet to show the tip of his nose…but he should in the days to come. It is Bloomberg that indicates that, according to sources familiar with the matter, Sony would be ready to present its new service as soon as next week. But what is Spartacus? This is the code name used by Sony to designate a new subscription service that would be the answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.

Also according to Bloomberg, the Spartacus service would combine two of its main current offers: PlayStation Plus and PS Now. The first allows its subscribers to retrieve free games every month and offers discounts on certain titles in the catalog. The second is a service that allows its subscribers to enjoy a set of games in the cloud, so it only requires an Internet connection to play them. This Spartacus would offer several catalogs from external publishers, mixing modern games and other older titles. Several subscription models would also be possible, the most expensive being the one that would allow its subscribers to have access to longer demos and the possibility of streaming their gaming sessions over the Internet.

Sony at a disadvantage?

At the end of the article, Bloomberg recalls that PlayStation consoles have sold better than Xbox ones. In addition, the latest figures revealed by the two companies turned in favor of Sony: 48 million subscribers to PS +, for 25 million to Xbox Game Pass. However, the Spartacus subscription service still seems to be behind Xbox Game Pass: the latter now offers its exclusive titles on the day of their launch on its service. This was the case with force horizon 5 for example, but also the campaign of infinity halo. An initiative that Sony should not repeat: still according to a person familiar with the matter, “God of War: Ragnarok, for example, is unlikely to be offered at no additional cost to platform subscribers“.

Of course, this information must be taken with tweezers and we will wait for an official communication from Sony before taking it at face value. Still, if the Spartacus offer seems light on paper, it could pick up steam very quickly in the coming months. Remember that Sony is the parent company of Crunchyroll, a SVOD platform specialized in anime, which recently absorbed Wakanim.

Source : Bloomberg

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