“We live our adventure without talking about strategy”, underline Charlotte and Sarah

Final race of the Monegasque sisters. This Thursday night, Charlotte and Sarah were eliminated from the fifteenth season of Beijing Express after a final duel facing them Jean-Claude and Axel. Despite their handicap, the two candidates had managed to avoid the last place but his grandfather and grandson decided to face them. For 20 minutesthey return to the difficulties encountered during this stage, as well as to the hateful comments to which they are subjected in social networks. “We just balanced an alliance to not go out and continue our adventure,” justify Charlotte and Sarah.

What was the most difficult handicap? The extra passenger or the orange juice?

Sarah : This is quite misleading. When we saw the oranges, we thought it would be easier. But it is true that we may have underestimated this handicap a bit at first glance. The citrus press was something that came from I don’t know where, it was very complicated. Especially since we couldn’t hurry until the drivers agreed, so they got impatient. This handicap turned out to be more complicated than the first.

charlotte : Above all, we lose much more time. It happens five or ten minutes per juice pressing. Sarah had taken over the fold, in the end she was breaking records alone! In the last one, she managed to do it in three minutes, she was a machine!

Despite your handicap, you don’t finish last and are chosen by Jean-Claude and Axel for the final duel. Do you understand his decision?

charlotte : In other seasons we had already seen couples who chose opponents based on their handicap. Surely we have more chances to win a final duel when we are free. We both thought that, to be fair, we would never have taken someone with a disability. I am not saying that one option is better than another. Everybody plays with their cards but, to be fair, we wouldn’t have. But that’s part of the game.

Is strategy an important factor in Beijing Express ?

Sarah : To be very honest, we live our adventure without talking about strategy. We were really there for the adventure, but we understood that there was a male alliance in our season. Unfortunately, we reluctantly had to make a choice the week before because I really didn’t want to choose Axel and Jean-Claude.

charlotte : The problem is that three couples made an alliance and two couples did not.

Sarah : Yes, we are in the minority with Jérémy and Fanny. We couldn’t choose each other in the final duel, otherwise we knew that one of us would leave. The others had made an alliance, so we had to try to protect ourselves, otherwise we would leave.

Last year, Rose-Marie and Cinzia were targeted on social media. This year, she feels like she’s falling all over you…

Sarah : I have the impression that we became a target from the moment that no one understood our choice of the final duel. We know why we choose them, we try to be as fair as possible. In fact, I get the impression that we were looking for a reason to hate each other.

charlotte : This is what Arlette and Caroline suffered in the previous episode.

Sarah : Arlette and Caroline took it seriously two weeks ago, same for us last week. We imagine it will continue…

charlotte : That we are still pampered a little by the pleasure of the adventure we live, the side of overcoming.

Sarah : In our speech, Charlotte says that we chose Jean-Claude and Axel for a woman to go further. Out of context, we don’t understand but since there is an alliance of men, we want to protect each other. But these are just women sending us ultra nasty messages. These are total insults, it’s still awesome! We have just balanced an alliance not to go out and continue our adventure.

charlotte : Later, we don’t want to have to justify ourselves, we let it flow. We know why we did the adventure. Feeling insulted when we have experienced something crazy for these reasons, it is true that it is a bit annoying.

Was the return to reality after the shoot brutal as you feared?

Sarah : Yes, it’s very violent because you go from crazy adrenaline, to running in all directions, to meeting incredible people, to being isolated from the world. When we return, we find that our life is a bit dull and we quickly want to take a trip again.

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