contaminated fish in Auchan, Cora and Intermarché!

Vacuum-packed trays of smoked halibut fish were on the market for two days in March. all details revealed!

The barcodes of the products are the following: 3346890003231 and 3346890005655, and the batch in question is: 22070044, with an expiration date (DLC) set at 03/31/2022, Rappel Conso details. The trays in question were marketed between March 15 and 17, 2022 and could contain listeria monocytogenes, the agents responsible for listeriosis.

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Attention Danger Listeria

As always, it is advisable not to consume the product and return it to the store for a refund. The manufacturer recalls the risks of listeriosis, namely symptoms such as fever, possible headache or pains.

If you have noticed these symptoms after having consumed the product, it is better to consult your doctor so as not to develop severe forms. This can be particularly serious in pregnant women and people immunocompromised.

Listeria-related recalls have been numerous since the beginning of the year. In February alone, Intermarché, Cora and Leclerc had withdrawn the cheese as had Auchan, ten days later, before Leclerc investigated Salmon. Bacon had also been withdrawn from the trade in mid-March.

Listeria risk: Intermarché, Cora and Leclerc withdraw cheese

Big retailers remember Rocamadour, sold for three days under the Fromagerie du Quercy brand.

Be careful if you have bought cheese in the last few days at Intermarché, Cora or Leclerc, and especially if it is from Rocamadour. The three brands are recalling two separate batches of the famous Southwest cheese, warns Rappel Conso.

It is initially a tray of three small “Rocamadours AOP 105g. (3X35g.)” from Fromagerie du Quercy with the following barcode: 0003443520068063, batch number 22. Its expiration date (DLC) is set to 07/03/2022.

The other batch is a tray of 12 “Rocamadours (12X35g)”, also from Fromagerie du Quercy, with barcode 0003443520068247 and batch number 24. The minimum durability date is set at 09/03/2022. The two trays went on sale between 7 and 10 february 2022.

Large-scale retailers are conducting this recall for listeria risks. There could be traces of salmonella, the causative agent of salmonellosis. Clients with buy the product not consume it and return it to the point of sale where it will be returned.


Salmonella can cause serious problems in some people, whether they are gastrointestinal or reveal sudden symptoms of headache or fever. If this is the case, you should seek immediate medical attention. Those most at risk are pregnant women, children and the immunocompromised.

Recently, several large retailers have already recalled many products due to listeria risks, be it ham (twice in six days) or salmon terrines.

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