Death Stranding Director’s Cut: An epic trailer before the imminent release of the PC version

game news Death Stranding Director’s Cut: An epic trailer before the imminent release of the PC version

Nearly six months after its release on Playstation 5, Death Stranding Director’s Cut is about to be released on PC via the Epic Games Store and Steam. For the occasion, 505 Games today shares with us an impressive trailer to (re)conquer gamers who need unique video game experiences.

A unique gaming experience

death stranding is, in more ways than one, a unique video game. Hideo Kojima’s first solo game since his untimely departure from Konami offers an engaging experience that plays with preset video game codes to a divisive yet undeniably surprising result. After a first release in 2019 on PS4 followed by a PC version, Death Stranding got a PS5 port enriched with various content in 2021. This latest version with the name of “Director’s Cut” will arrive shortly on PC, on March 30 to be precise.

In this version of the Director’s Cut we obviously find all the basic content, as well as its “social” multiplayer functionalities, but also new weapons and tools, new delivery missions and an optimization of motorcycle driving. Several features have been added, such as the implementation of a racing game mode or a “Boss-fight” mode that allows you to relive the great clashes of the game, as pointed out by Hideo Kojima at the time of the publication of this version on PS5 . The director’s cut of Death Stranding looks more like an “enhanced” edition than a true alternate version, in which no elements of the original game have been removed or altered.

Lots of graphics options for PC

Whoever says PC version necessarily says graphic options. Every port is more or less complete in this regard, and it seems that Death Stranding Director’s Cut makes no compromises on this side. We highlight support for Xe Super Sampling, Intel’s latest “machine learning” technology to blend the best of high-resolution display and each machine’s performance. A technology quite similar to Nvidia’s DLSS. Additionally, we note the arrival of global graphics optimization, as well as UltraWide support for better-equipped gamers. Therefore, we look forward to a comprehensive port, which will allow everyone to enjoy the game in the best conditions.

This version for PC arrives on March 30 at the Epic Games Store and Steam at a price of 39.99 euros, and 9.99 euros for those who already have the basic edition. Please note that saves will be transferable from version to version. So don’t panic if you just started the game and want to enjoy the best experience.

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