how to claim the 100 euros on the platform dedicated to the forgotten French

From this Friday, French people who have not received the 100-euro inflation bonus can request it if they think they are entitled to it. A special platform has been put online and applications must be processed within ten days according to a government decree.

This was one of the executive’s main lines of communication at the end of 2021: perceive the inflation bonus of 100 euros, no action was taken. Employers, social assistance organizations or even pension funds would automatically assign it to 38 million French people with net monthly income of less than 2,000 euros.

But while the last installment announced was made at the end of February with withdrawals, obviously there are holes in the government racket. This Friday, Prime Minister Jean Castex; the Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire; the Minister of Labor, Elisabteh Borne; the Minister of Health, Olivier Vran; the Minister of Higher Education, Frdrique Vidal; the Minister for Agriculture, Julien Denormandie, the Minister for the Civil Service, Amlie de Montchalin, the Minister for the Budget, Olivier Dussopt, and the Secretary of State for Pensions, Laurent Pietraszewski; Have signed a decree which authorizes the opening of a special platform for the beneficiaries of the inflation bonus who have not been able to receive it.

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A dedicated page on

A novelty, because initially they were advised to contact directly the organization that was supposed to pay them the inflation bonus. To claim it now, you need to go to A special application site page just went online this Friday at noon.

It is enough that the applicants update incomplete or missing information or contact details, which prevented the payment of 100 euros. Specifically, here is the procedure to follow according to the special page of the government dedicated to the inflation bond: after the applicant has been ‘connected to France’ (via their codes, or Ameli, etc., editor’s note), the teleservice first checks whether it has already received compensation. If this is the case, you cannot make a request, paying the premium only once. The tlservice then examines whether the revenue and information known to the tlservice allows it to be granted. If the teleservice confirms this right to compensation, you can directly fill in your bank and contact details to obtain payment. If the applicant finds himself in a situation that is not automatically dealt with by the teleservice, he is indicated the counter to which he must go.

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1.3 million Franais concerns

According to the decree, payment must be made within ten days of submitting the application. However, there is no information on the processing time of applications in the event of a dispute between two organizations. Of the 38 million French eligible for this bonus, 36.7 million have already received compensation for inflation, assured Olivier Dussopt in February at RMC. Therefore, around 1.3 million people could claim the inflation bonus.

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