Laeticia Hallyday in intensive care, worried doctors

Laeticia Hallyday: The cute blonde is definitely exhausted! Since Johnny Hallyday’s death, he has had to deal with many financial problems and took it upon himself to pay off all the debts of the late rocker. Luckily, there is good news in the equation, he has found love again in the arms of Jalil Lespert. He supports her as best he can. And he is sure that she will need him. In fact, after money problems, she runs into health problems. We can say that she combines the concerns!

Laeticia Hallyday in very bad shape

Since the start of her romance with director Jalil Lespert, Laeticia Hallyday has been back and forth in the Parisian capital. Thus, she arrived on March 16 to be with her beloved. Jade and Joy’s mother also had to take stock with her lawyer Gilles Gauer and her communications adviser Anne Homel. The subject is always the same since the death of Johnny Hallyday: his tax return and the sale of the emblematic house of Marnes-la-Coquette. As a reminder, it is in this residence that the Taulier breathed for the last time. But actually, if she is back in France, it was mainly for a very specific reason. In fact, she had to carry out a battery of important tests. For this she had to go to the Hérault University Hospital, in the Boudou family’s region of origin, on March 25.

Just a few days earlier, Laeticia Hallyday had had a blood test in Paris before starting medical preparations. Unfortunately, the results of the blood test were not good at all and worried the doctors, according to information from the magazine. Closer. This is because the widow has a decreased amount of potassium in her blood, which is called hypokalemia.

A major health problem and emergency hospitalization

This problem should not be taken lightly. In fact, if she hadn’t been treated, Laeticia Hallyday’s life could have been in danger. So the doctors decided to keep the pretty blonde in intensive care. She was treated urgently at the American Hospital of Paris, in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Even without the blood work, Laeticia Hallyday wasn’t really in top shape. She felt very frail and feverish and was immediately given an infusion.

Laeticia Hallyday was very weak

Fortunately, Laeticia Hallyday was treated by the best doctors in the American hospital. She recovered quickly and only spent 24 hours in intensive care, which is good news. Once out of the establishment, it was her lover who took care of her to watch over her and take care of her. In fact, the lovebirds went to rest on the property of Marnes-la-Coquette. Laeticia Hallyday just sold it, she’s getting ready to move. She thus takes advantage of the last moments in this symbolic place of her previous life. Several of her relatives visited him to ask about her health status.

Given that her health is stable, Laeticia Hallyday was able to fly to the south of France for the tests she had planned to take. Fortunately, she is well surrounded by her family to deal with the situation should another health problem happen to her. In fact, she will never be alone. She will say in the interview below that she is convinced that it was her rocker who sent her to Jalil to learn to live and love again. Don’t hesitate to watch the emotional video on the set of Day to day.

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